Chapter XVII
James Nathan Henrie

      JAMES NATHAN HENRIE, 5th child of James & Christena (Schow) Henrie, was b. 28 Apr. 1874, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 3 Aug. 1882, end. 19 Dec. 1894], d. 1930s, Panguitch, and bur. there 19 Feb. He m. 11 Dec. 1894, in Panguitch, to Sarah Olive Lee, dau. of Harvey Parley & Sarah Ellen (Adams) Lee She was b. 21 Mar. 1875, Panguitch [bapt. 5 June 1884, end. & H. 19 Dec, 1894]. The following sketch was compiled by Sarah Olive.

      James Nathan Henrie was a successful farmer and livestockman, which occupation he followed all his life. He prided himself on his fine horses, and many were the good times they furnished the old and young. In those days, when snow would pile up high in the valley, the people would bring out their fine teams, sleighs, and sleighbells. They would sleigh race until the wee small hours of the morning, the best team winning the honors. James Nathan’s horses came in for their share of the applause. Horseback riding was the diversion for the summer months.

      Sarah Olive’s parents moved to Arizona when she was two years old. They lived at Layton and she walked a mile each day to school at Safford, taking her lunch. During the recess and noon periods she spent her time in sewing quilt blocks, which she later put together into a quilt for her trousseau. Due to Indian troubles and malaria, her family moved to Panguitch.

      In Panguitch Sarah Olive and James Nathan (Nash) attended the same schools. After finishing the elementary grades, they enrolled in Panguitch Academy, under Professor John C. Swenson, for about 2 years.

      Not many years after their marriage they built a large brick hone, which is still owned by Sarah Olive (Sade) on a farm they had purchased in the southeast part of Panguitch.

      In the year 1921 his brother John Nathaniel was called by death, his wife Emma having preceded him. Just before John Nathaniel died, he asked Sade and Nath to take his son Ercil into their home and care for him as one of their family. Later Hazel, the second wife of John Nathaniel, asked Sade and Nath to take LaVera, the youngest of his family, and later Emma, the other daughter, went to live with them. Then still another member was added to the family of Sade and Nath when Fern Slade, a 22 month old baby girl, was taken to their home. Fern was the daughter of James Ray Slade and his second wife Brenda Worthen, who had died. Fern Henrie, oldest child of Sade and Nath, was the first wife of James Ray Slade; she had died during the 1919 flu epidemic. These four children added to the six of their own made a large family, out they received all of the loving care and kindness given to their own children. They remained in this home until their marriage.

      Sade and Nath loved to travel and made many trips. Several times they visited southern California, seeing relatives and friends. They visited the World’s Fair at San Diego. When the Pacific and Atlantic fleets met in San Diego Harbor, they were on hand to witness the parade of 130 vessels. They visited Catalina Island, riding in glass bottomed boats, seeing the underwater [p. 243] sights, and touring the island. They made a trip to Yellowstone Park with a party of 23 others, eating their meals together and singing campfire songs. In San Francisco they took trips on the sight seeing cars, crossed Golden Gate Bridge and visited Golden Gate Park, saw the earthquake area of the city, the ocean front, and passed in front of the military guns concealed in the shrubbery, loaded and ready to fire if occasion arose.

      James Nathan Henrie always participated in civil and church affairs. He was 1st counselor in the High Priests Quorum, chairman of the Genealogical Committee for 4 yrs.; president of the Old Folks Committee (a position he enjoyed very much). In civic affairs, he was a member of the Board of County Commissioners; he was later made chairman of the same, which position he held for 14 yrs.; was director in the Southern Equitable Store; president of the Panguitch Roller Mill; city councilman; state committeeman of the Republican Party; during World War II he was a member of the local Board for Garfield County; was member and president of Panguitch Livestock Co. and served as manager as long as the company existed; member of the board of the West Irrigation Co. and an executive committee member. He always took an active part in the upbuilding and development of the resources of the country. He was a man of noble character, well known for his sterling worth in public and in private life; he was humble and unassuming, deliberate in counsel, and did not make hasty conclusions.

      Sarah Olive worked diligently in many church capacities. She was counselor and president of the Y.L.M.I.A., and at the same period was secretary of Sunday School. She was a teacher in primary, supervisor of religion classes, counselor for 6 yrs. of Relief Society; then she was set apart by Elder Melvin J. Pa lard as 2nd counselor in the Stake Relief Society. This position she held for 15 yrs. In 1940 she was made president of the Stake Relief Society and held this position for 4 yrs., making in all 28 consecutive yrs. service in that organization. She was also corresponding secretary of the D.U.P.

      She has been a widow for the past 21 yrs. She has made valuable use of her time by reading good books and raising beautiful flowers. These she has shared with friends, neighbors, and the sick. She has plied her needle in the making of many pieces of embroidery, pillow cases, luncheon sets, etc. Travel has continued to be a source of diversion–she has enjoyed touring with her children. Her happiest days have been when she and all her family were at the family home at one time, enjoying dinner, with their feet under her large dining table. She still lives in the home and does all her own work, where she finds time to enjoy her many friends.

      James Nathan and Sarah Olive (Lee) Henrie had 7 children, all b. in Panguitch:

1.       Fern Olive Henrie, b. 12 May 1897; m. James Ray Slade.

2.       James Usher Henrie, b. 6 Aug. 1899; m. (1) Freeda Judd; m. (2) Dolly Elizabeth Lavell.

3.       Harvey Therald Henrie, b. 16 Feb. 1902, d. 1910s, at Panguitch [bapt. 1910s, end. 1950s]. [p. 244]

4.       Roy Lee Henrie, 4th child of James Nathan & Sarah Olive (Lee) Henrie, was b. 26 Apr. 1906, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; m. 1930s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple) to Wanda LaVell Chappeil, dau. of William Lamont & Nora Bell (Cook) Chappell. She was b. 8 Apr. 1908, Lyman, Wayne Co., Utah [bapt. 1910s, end, Oct. 1927, H. 1930s]. They had 8 children:

(1)       Norma Henrie, b. 1930s, Logan, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       James LeRoy Henrie, b. 1930s, Logan [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Boyd Lamont Henrie b. 1930s, Lyman, Wayne Co., Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(4)       Max Dean Henrie, b. 1940s, Harlem, Blain Co., Mont.

(5)       Donna Fay Henrie, b. 1940s, Dulce, Rio Arriba Co., New Mexico.

(6)       Myrna Rae Henrie, stillborn 15 Feb. 1945, twin, Dulce.

(7)       Robert Jay Henrie, b. 1940s, Durango, Colo., twin.

(8)       Janice Kay Henrie, b. 1940s, Durango, twin.

5.       Bernard D. Henrie, b. 18 June 1908, Panguitch [bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Panguitch, to Annie Elizabeth Wilcox, dau. of Ralph James & Annie (LeFevre) Wilcox She was b. 1910s Panguitch [bapt. 1920s, end. 1930s, & H. same day]. They had 5 children, b. in Panguitch:

(1)       Bernice Henrie, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s, P. 1930s].

(2)       James Berdell Henrie, b. 1940s [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Sara Lee Henrie, b. 1940s [bapt 1950s].

(4)       Arline Henrie, b. 1940s, twin [bapt. 1950s].

(5)       Marline Henrie, b. 1940s, twin [bapt. 1950s].

6.       Keith O. Henrie, b. 1910s, Panguitch [bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s]; m. 1930s, St. George (L.D.S. Temple) to Rosemond Mamie Day, dau. of Ephraim & Emily (Bay) Day. She was b. 1910s, Circleville, Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 20 Sept. 193 3] . They adopted 2 children:

(1)       John Marcus Guyman Henrie, b. 1930s, Paragonah, Iron Co., Utah, taken to live with Keith & Rosemond 24 Aug. 1947, legally adopted 7 June 1949 [bapt. 1940s-8]. He is a conscientious helper about the inane and farm; enjoys drawing, weaving, carving, and leather craftwork; an “A” student at school; plays saxophone; is now sponsoring a F.F.A. project. [p. 245]

(2)       Mary Kathryn Guyman Henrie, adopted dau. of Keith O. & Rosemond Mamie (Day) Henrie, was b. 1940s, Cedar City, Utah, taken to live with Keith & Rosemond 8 Sept. 1947, legally adopted 7 June 1949 [bapt. 12 Oct. 195 2] . She enjoys homemaking, cooking, drawing, sewing and embroidery work, and weaving rugs.

            Keith O. Henrie was born in the large brick house in Panguitch his parents had just completed. As a boy he was interested in building small farm machinery and operating it. He helped on the farm and in herding sheep. Through his interest in raising sheep, in 1928 he was appointed vice president of the Boys Sheep Club. He won a blue ribbon for the best sheep at the county fair and later won a blue ribbon at the state fair for trimming and fitting sheep. He completed High School and Seminary.

            Keith served as a member of Panguitch Junior Chamber of Commerce for several years. In 1952 he was appointed a member of the city firemen crew. He has been a board member of West Panguitch Irrigation Co He has served as Ward Teacher, Scout Committeeman, Home Teacher in Genealogy He has contributed generously with equipment to help with crops on the Church Welfare Farm; also donated the truck for hauling coal for the Ward Church. At present he owns a shop where he does mechanical work, sells Ferguson tractors and farm implements, also sells International trucks. He has attended a number of service schools and received high ratings for the repair of tractors and farm machinery. In addition he owns and operates a farm, and raises livestock.

            Rosemond, his wife, was born in a small 2-roomed house located 2 miles from Circleville. During her 1st and 2nd grades she rode to school in a covered wagon drawn by 2 horses. It was a dreaded trip, crossing the Sevier River when it had overflowed its banks or frozen. She was the youngest of 7 children. Because of illness of her mother her older sister cared for the family, but calamity befell them when this sister died at the age of 18. At the close of the school year Rosemond went to live with her teacher, Blanche Langford, in Antimony, Utah. After Miss Langford’s marriage to John H. Clark, Rosemond moved with them to make their home in Panguitch. They had 3 children and Rosemond was reared with them and treated as one of their own children. Her schooling was completed in Panguitch, where she was prominent in school activities. One year she received a waffle iron for having the highest average in domestic science. She graduated in 1931 from Seminary and High School, acting as valedictorian. She received a scholarship to B.A.C., but due to the depression she sought employment at the Panguitch Drug Co. where she worked 10 yrs.

            Rosemond has participated in community activities, as production chairman for the Red Cross; secretary of Panguitch Community Bettermen Club; assistant in the organization of the Questers Junior Literary Club, in which she has held the office of president, social leader and project chairman. She has taught in M.I.A. and Sunday School, has been visiting teacher in Relief Society, and home teacher in Genealogy Assn. Most of her church work has been with the Primary, in which she [p. 246] has served as teacher and president of the Ward Primary, and secretary and treasurer and president of the Stake Primary. Much enjoyment comes to her in doing those things which add to homemaking, such as sewing, making quilts and rugs, cooking, raising a garden, and canning vegetables and fruits. She has won several blue ribbons at the county fair on her canned foods and quilts.

            Throughout their married life, Keith and Rosemond have enjoyed many sports together, such as hunting, fishing, and camping out. They have traveled extensively. At one time they supervised 50 young people on a trip to Grand Canyon, where much fun was created in camping, cooking, and visiting together.

7.       George Champ Henrie, 7th child of James Nathan & Sarah Olive (Lee) Henrie, was b. 1910s, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple) to Nucile Boyter. She was b. 1910s, Spry, Garfield Co., Utah, dau. of Carlisle & Julia Bell (LeFevre) Boyter. [She was bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1930s]. They had 4 children, b. in Panguitch:

(1)       Gerald George Henrie, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       James Carl Henrie, b. 1940s [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Florence K. Henrie, b. 1940s [bapt . 3 De c. 1950].

(4)       Wallace Keith Henrie, b. 1940s [bapt. 1950s].


      FERN OLIVE HENRIE, 1st child of James Nathan & Sarah Olive (Lee) Henrie, was b. 12 May 1897 [bapt. 1 July 1905, end. & H. 1910s]; she d. 1910s, Panguitch, and bur. there 16 Jan. She m. 1910s, in Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to James Ray Slade, s. of William & Mary Ann Amelia (Lister) Slade. He was b 1 Aug. 1894, Parowan, Iron Co., Utah [bapt. 20 June 1903, end. 1910s].

      Fern was the only girl of a family of seven; six boys were younger than her. She had a happy childhood and was petted and adored by her brothers. In return, she was affectionately devoted to her family. Being industrious, she found great joy and satisfaction in helping with the household duties and at various times would don brownies and help on the farm, especially at haying time when she would ride the derrick horse. Her sunny disposition and merry laughter made her a favorite also among the children at school. Often she would be found at Christmas, Valentines Day, etc., surrounded by a bunch of smaller children, helping them to make holiday candies and gifts.

      She was especially interested in music, which came quite natural and easy for her. She could play the piano, accordion, guitar, and harmonica. She was sustained assistant organist in Sunday School.

      After graduating from District School, she married James Ray Slade in the Manti Temple. The following year a baby girl was born to them, named Rae, but she lived only a few hours. What a disappointment and sorrow this was to [p. 247] Fern as she had no sister and had looked forward to the event, but the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh, and we must bow the head and say, “Thy will be done.”

      During the influenza epidemic at the close of World War I, 1919, Fern was called by death. Her husband, Ray, had flu at the same time, but he recovered and filled a 2 year mission to the Western States.

      On 3 Oct. 1922 Ray m. (2) Brenda Worthen, who departed this life 27 Dec. 1928. Four children were born to them, 3 sons and 1 daughter. Some time later he married Brenda’s sister, Magda Worthen Warren, who had previously lost her husband by death. One child, a boy, was born to them. They resided in Ogden.

      James Ray & Fern Olive (Henrie) Slade had 1 child:

1.       Rae Slade, b. 1910s, Panguitch, d. same day.


      JAMES USHER HENRIE, 2nd child of James Nathan & Sarah Olive (Lee) Henrie was b. 6 Aug. 1899, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 2 Nov. 1907, end. 1910s]; m. (1) 12-14 Nov. 1924, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to Freeda Judd, dau. of Richard & Phoebe Malinda (Sevy) Judd. She was b. 6 May 1900, Panguitch, [bapt. 6 June 1908, end. & H. 1920s]; she d. 1940s, in Panguitch, and bur. there. He m. (2) 20 Oct. 1950, Reno, Nevada, to Dolly Elizabeth Lavell as her 2nd husband. She was b. 1910s, Roanoke, Roanoke Co., Va. [bapt. 1926], dau. of Christian Lewis & Alice Gay (Burnette) Lavell. She had a child by her 1st husband, George Brewer.

      James Usher & Freeda (Judd) Henrie had 6 children, b. in Panguitch:

1.       Usher Junior Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]; m. 1940s, Mesa (L.D.S. Temple), to Dorothy Riddle, dau. of LaMonn & Amber Margaret (Hanford) Riddle. She was b. 1920s, Antimony, Utah [bapt. July 1937, end. & H. 1940s]. They had 3 children:

(1)       Ramond Junior Henrie, b. 1940s, Panguitch, Utah.

(2)       James LaMonn Henrie, b. 1950s, Panguitch.

(3)       Randall Dee Henrie, b. 1950s, Logan, Utah.

2.       James Richard Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Panguitch, Utah, to Helen Morris, dau. of Earl & Jessie (Moich) Morris Sr. She was b. 1920s, Kosmos, Lewis Co., Washington. They had 3 children, b. in Morton, Wash.:

(1)       James Michael Henrie, b. 1950s.

(2)       Richard Earl Henrie, b. 1950s.

(3)       Susan Fern Henrie, b. 1950s. 248 [p. 248]

3.       Douglas D. Henrie, 3rd child of James Usher & Freeda (Judd) Henrie, was b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s, end. 1950s]; m. Alda Vee Gardner, dau. of Milford Irven & Alda Vista (Fugal) Gardner. She was b. 1930s, Pleasant Grove, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. H. 1950s]. They had 3 children:

(1)       Girl, stillborn 22 Apr. 1951, Roosevelt, Utah.

(2)       Douglas Allen Henrie, b. 1950s.

(3)       Wendy Carol Henrie, b. 1950s.

4.       Jeddie E. Henrie, b. 1930s [bapt. 1930s]; unmarried.

5.       Freeda Fern Henrie, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

6.       Judd S. Henrie, b. 1930s, d. same day. [p. 249]