Chapter VIII
Jerome Bradley Henrie

      JEROME BRADLEY HENRIE, 7th child of Daniel & Amanda (Bradley) Henrie, was b. 25 Nov. 1859-60, in Manti, Utah [bapt. 1868, end. 27 Mar. 1889], d. 1940s. He m. (1) 27 Mar. 1889, Manti, to Mary C. Westenskow, dau. of Hans Peter & Anne (Madsen) Westenskow. She was b. 3-13 Nov. 1868, Manti (end. & H. 27 Mar. 1889]; she d. 16 Feb. 1892, in Manti.

      Jerome Bradley Henrie m. (2) 17 May 1893, Manti, Utah, Thea Annie Lund, dau. of Thomas Sorensen & Andrea Martha (Christensen) Lund. She was b. 13 Apr. 1870, Salem, Utah [bapt. 1880, end. & H. 17 May 1893]; d. 1930s, Manti.

      Jerome lived with his married sister Myra Olson, in Moroni, Utah, from the age of 12 years until he was 23 (see p. 58). When he was 15 he went into the hills of Moroni with Jeff and Jim Bradley to get wood. While chopping, a band of Indians came out of the timber and the boys fled for their lives. Not being familiar with harnesses, the Indians cut them off from the horses and escaped with them.

      When he was about 24 years of age he was one of the early day freighters between Pioche, Nevada, and Eureka, Utah, and came into contact with many rough characters. one night as they were sitting around the campfire some friendly freighters were telling them about a notorious outlaw who was known to be in that part of the country. They felt rather uneasy when they retired for the night as he had the reputation of being a very hard man and allowed no one to cross him. Imagine their surprise and terror in the morning when who should ride into their camp but this outlaw and his followers. After a few minutes of strained conversation, the outlaw turned to one of the man and asked him if he was a Mormon. The man, afraid to offend him, answered that his folks were but he had not thought much about it. The others evaded the same question as it was put to them in the same manner. Finally he said to Jerome, “Are you a Mormon?” to which Jerome replied, “Yes, I am a Mormon to the backbone,” whereupon he slapped him upon the back and said, “That is the kind of a man I like to see.”

      When 28 years of age, Jerome married Mary Westenskow, a gifted seamstress and singer. Their marriage was short and sad. They lost their first two babies very soon after birth, and Mary and the third baby died soon after its birth. She was only 23 years of age. After this abrupt break in a promising and happy future, Jerome was called on a two-year mission to the Manti Temple. Here he met Thea Annie Lund, who was a supervisor in the Temple dining room. One year later they were married. Fate was kind to him in this new venture. He now had a lovely and congenial companion who assumed more than her half of the responsibility of making and maintaining a home. Her first and last thought was for her children and her home was a mecca for relatives and friends seeking her wise counsel and comforting words in time of trouble and sorrow. She had the sole responsibility of caring for her father-in-law, Daniel Henrie, who was bedridden the last three years of his life. Their six children were all respected citizens in their different walks of life. But Thea could not stand the rigorous program which seemed to be her lot and died with heart disease at the age of 67. [p. 103]

      Their early married life was spent in the mountains of six-mile canyon where Jerome logged pine, part of which went into a new home that was built in Manti. They spent another two years living on her father’s farm between Manti and Ephraim, Utah. After moving into their new home in Manti, he engaged in farming and stock raising. He was a man devoted to his home, true to his religion, and never tired of telling of his father’s experiences as a member of the Mormon Battalion.

      Late in life he had gland trouble, and while in the Salt Lake City Hospital waiting for an operation, he slept quietly away, March 25, 1946, at the age of 86 years.

      Children of Jerome Bradley & Mary C. (Westenskow) Henrie, 3:

1.       Jerome Henrie, b. 27 Feb. 1889, Manti, d. 10 Apr. 1890, Manti. This child should be sealed to its parents; there is no record of it having been done.

2.       Calvin Henrie, b. 19 Feb. 1891, Manti, d. 6 Apr. 1891, Manti.

3.       Harold Henrie, b. 9 Feb. 1892, Manti, d. 11 Feb. 1892, Manti.

      Children of Jerome Bradley & Thea Annie (Lund) Henrie, 8:

4.       Alphonso Henrie, b. 21 Feb. 1894; m. Hettie Jemima Alder.

5.       Irven Lund Henrie, b. 24 Aug. 1895; m. Dearild Orlene Larsen.

6.       Mary C. Henrie, b. 5 Dec. 1897; m. Andrew Lamont Miller.

7.       Thomas L. Henrie, b. 26 Aug. 1899, Manti, Utah, d. 5 Sept. 1902.

8.       Jerome D. Henrie, b. 16 July 1901, Manti, d. 28 Oct. 1907.

9.       Thea Vonda Henrie, b. 24 Nov. 1903; m. Ruel Eldon Christensen.

10.       Ireta Henrie, b. 13 Dec. 1907; m. (1) Richard Eugene Peterson; m. (2) Arnold Armstrong; m. (3) Everett Strate.

11.       Martha Henrie, b. 1910s; m. Glenn R. Kenner.


      ALPHONSO HENRIE, b. 21 Feb. 1894, Manti, Utah [bapt. 16 Sept. 1902, end. 1910s]; m. 1910s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Hettie Jemima Alder, b. 19 May 1893, Manti [bapt. 28 May 1901, end. & H. 1910s].

      Alphonso graduated from Manti High School; he attended Utah State Agriculture College; attended 10-day leadership school four consecutive years. He was elected president of Manti Farm Bureau 1923- 1925; was field superintendent of Rocky Mountain Packing Corp. for 14 years; supervisor of Farm- Veteran Training 1947-1953; was assistant agriculture teacher in Manti High School for 10 years. He served in the church as teacher of the Sunday School, [p. 104] Priest, Deacon, Teacher, and Elders Quorums; served as president of the High Priests Quorum of South Sanpete Stake 1948-1952, quorum membership 201; chosen as counselor in the Manti Center Ward Bishopric to C. Orval Stott, 17 Aug. 1923, and served in this capacity for 7 years. On 31 Aug. 1930 he was ordained Bishop of this Ward and served another 7 years until 1937; he was ordained by President Heber J. Grant. Alphonso has a fine voice and has been a member of the Manti Tabernacle Choir for at least 30 years.

      Hettie, wife of Alphonso, was employed at the Manti Drug from 1909-1916. She has been a member of the Relief Society—chairman of Quilting Committee, and counselor in the presidency; member of the Manti Tabernacle Choir for 20 years, and a member of the Singing Mothers for many years.

      They had 3 children, b. in Manti, Utah:

1.       Alder Alphonso Henrie, b. 1910s [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1940s, in Ogden, Utah, Birdie Whittaker, b. 1910s, dau. of J. H. Whittaker.

            Alder graduated from Manti High School in 1935. He attended Snow College at Ephraim, Utah, that fall, and then enrolled at the Utah State Agriculture College at Logan for one year, 1936. He graduated from there 4 June 1946. his attendance at the A.C. was not continuous as he worked for Gibson, the County Agent, for a year and then was drafted into the Army 1942. He attained the rank of commissioned Captain; discharged April 1946. After his army service he worked in San Francisco and then Panama Canal Zone. He returned from Panama in 1951 and then went to work at the San Francisco Presidio Military Post.

                  Alder and Birdie had 1 child:

(1)       David Alder Henrie, b. 1940s, d. same day.

2.       Edna Henrie, b. 1910s [bapt. 1940s]; m. 1940s, in Farmington, Davis Co., Utah, to Dr. Joseph Lindon Price, b. 1910s, Ohio.

            Edna entered the General Hospital at Salt Lake City for 3 years Nurses Training, 1 Aug. 1937; she graduated from this hospital 27 May 1940. In June she married Dr. Price. They lived in Ogden from 1 Sept. 1940 to 15 Mar. 1941; then moved to San Louis Obispo, to San Diego, to Santa Barbara, and to Olympia, Wash., in service of U.S., then to Camp Roberts until 1944. In 1945 they moved to Redding, Calif., and set up medical practice for themselves. They adopted 2 children, b. in Sacramento, Calif.:

(1)       Mikel Warren Price, b. 1950s.

(2)       Patrick Lyndon Price, b. 1950s.

3.       Vivian Anna (or Ann) Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1940s]; m. 1940s in Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Keller James Crawford, s. of Jedudiah Grant & Mary Ellen (Munk) Crawford. He was b. 1920s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1929, end. 1940s].

            Vivian, a Manti High School graduate, entered School of Nursing in Salt Lake City 31 Aug. 1942 and graduated 30 Aug. 1945. [p. 105]

      Keller James & Vivian Anna (Henrie) Crawford had 3 children, b. in Salt Lake City, Utah:

(1)       Cynthia Ann Crawford, b. 1940s.

(2)       Marlene Crawford, b. 1940s.

(3)       Dennis Keller Crawford, b. 1950s.


      IRVEN LUND HENRIE, b. 24 Aug. 1895, Manti, Utah, s. of Jerome Bradley & Thea Annie (Lund) Henrie [bapt. 3 Nov. 1903, end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Salt Lake City, Utah, to Dearild Orlene Larsen, dau. of Christian & Hannah Marie (Olsen) Larsen. She was b. 26 July 1900, Logan, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 28 July 1908, end. & H. 1920s, Manti L.D.S. Temple].

      Irven Lund Henrie, a Manti High School graduate of 1915, went to Logan to attend the Utah State Agriculture College. The next year he entered the Army. While at the University of Utah Training Camp, in Salt Lake City, he was promoted to a Corporal and later passed an examination making him eligible for Officer’s Training Camp in Louisville, Ky. Enroute to the camp he contracted flu and came very near losing his life. He was released from duty and returned to his home in Manti. He again enrolled at the U.S.A.C. at Logan and graduated with a B.S. Degree in Agriculture, 1922. He accepted an offer to teach in the Gunnison Valley High School in the agricultural and manual training department. He remained there teaching agriculture and various other subjects for 21 years, when he asked to be released as he wished to enter the agricultural business for himself. Four years later, due to a shortage of agricultural teachers, he took over the training of Veterans-on-the-Farm Training, which position he held for four years.

      During his married life he served four years as stake superintendent of Sunday Schools, eleven years as a counselor in the Ward Bishopric under Bishop Leslie Kidman and Bishop Hyrum Christiansen, being released 27 June 1943. The following four years he was counselor in the High Priests Quorum. Presently he is teaching in various positions in the ward and serving on the Genealogical Committee, and occasionally is an assistant at the Manti Temple.

      Dearild Orlene Larsen, his wife, at the time of her marriage was employed in the Secretary’s Office at Utah State Agriculture College. After completing her studies at the Logan City schools, she attended the Brigham Young University for three years. Following this she attended the Utah State Agriculture College and took special training in business and also correspondence and night school. She has held the following positions in church: Sunday School and Primary teacher; Ward Relief Society counselor 2 years; Stake Relief Society president for 9 years; president of Y.W.M.I.A. for 2 years; Relief Society class leader for 2 years. She was chairman of Girls Leadership Committee the first year of its organization; counselor in the county organization of the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers for 6 years; and member of the Ward Genealogical Committee. [p. 106]

      Irven Lund & Dearild Orlene (Larsen) Henrie had 5 children:

1.       Keith Larsen Henrie, b. 1920s, Gunnison, Sanpete Co., Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1950s]; m. 1940s, in Logan, Cache Co., Utah, Faye Barton, dau. of Kenneth Asa & Thelma (Huntington) Barton. She was b. 1920s, Beaver, Beaver Co., Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1950s].

            Keith graduated from Gunnison Valley High School in May 1942. That fall he entered Utah State Agricultural College at Logan, Utah, and remained one year. He then enlisted in the Army Air Force, was sworn in 10 June 1943, and left for Sheperds Field in Texas to begin his training. On 23 Dec. 1944 he received his wings and was graduated at Pampa, Texas, with the commission of 2nd Lt. He was then sent to Fredricks, Okla., to train cadets; was released from the Army Air Force 5 Oct. 1945. Jan. 1946 he returned to the U.S.A.C. at Logan and finished out the year. In Sept. 1946 he bought 1/10 interest with his father-in-law on a 600 head of cattle ranch in Nevada and remained there 3 years. The next 2 years he spent in college in Pasadena, Calif., studying Aeronautical Engineering.

                  Keith and Faye had 2 children:

(1)       Dale Keith Henrie, b. 1940s, Cedar City, Utah ( P. 1950s].

(2)       Kim Barton Henrie, b. 1950s, Ely White Pine Co., Nev.

2.       Irven Lund Henrie Jr., b. 1920s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]p m. 1950s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to Ethel Rozell Sohn, dau. of LeRoy Samuel & Zella Vivian (Wells) Sohn. She was b. 1930s [bapt. 1930s, end. 1950s, H. 1950s].

            He graduated from Gunnison Valley High School 18 May 1945. In Nov. 1945 he enlisted in the Navy and was sent to Camp Elliott, San Diego, Calif. He was released from the Navy 15 Aug. 1946 after having served 5 months aboard the Submarine Pender U.S.S. Sperry. He attended 2 quarters at the Brigham Young University at Provo. On 5 Jan. 1948 he left for a mission to the New England states. During the last half of his mission he was District President. On 21 Jan. 1950 he was released from his mission and returned to the Brigham Young University. Following his marriage he enrolled at the Utah State Agricultural College at Logan, majoring in business administration and personnel work. They had 1 child:

(1)       Robin Lund Henrie, b. 1950s, Logan, Cache Co., Utah.

3.       Eloise or Clouise Henrie, b. 1930s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

4.       Joyce Henrie, twin to above, b. 1930s, Manti [bapt. 9 Mar.1940].

5.       Larry Jay Henrie, b. 1930s, Manti [bapt. 1940s]. [p. 107]


      MARY C. HENRIE, dau. of Jerome Bradley & Thea Annie (Lund) Henrie, was b. 5 Dec. 1897, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1905, end. & H. 1930s]; m. 1910s, Manti, to Andrew Lamont Miller, s. of Andrew Henry & Sabra (Hall) Miller. He was b. 27 Apr. 1895, Manti [end. 1930s].

      Mary graduated from Manti High School in 1917 and enrolled at the Brigham Young University. She was a school teacher at Mayfield, Utah, for 2 years previous to her marriage, and for 6 years after her marriage.

      Two sons have had service with the Government in World War II. Mary and Lamont had the privilege of visiting in Santa Anna, Calif., when their son Earl was stationed there. They visited all points of interest in that vicinity. In 1944 they spent 10 days on Phoenix, Ariz., and attended the graduation of their son Earl, at Luke Field, when he received his wings as a pilot in the U.S. Air Force. While in Arizona they went through the Mesa L.D.S. Temple with President Payne as a guide of the grounds and building.

      They enjoy traveling and seeing America. Have visited the parks of Southern Utah and Grand Canyon. In 1953 they made a trip East. spending considerable time at Colonial Heights, Va., with their daughter Jean and family. Clair, Jean’s husband, was in the U.S. Army at Fort Lee, Va. They visited historic spots in Washington D.C. and the highlights of Chicago. In New York and Richmond, Va., they visited points of interest.

      At a Missionary Conference in Colonial Heights, Va., they had the pleasure of meeting the mission president and his wife, Mr. and Mrs. Nalder, of the Central Atlantic States Mission, with headquarters at Roanoke, Va.

      Mary has been a willing church worker from the days of her high school when she was called as a teacher in the Primary organization and in Sunday School. After her marriage she continued her work in the auxiliary organizations of the church and officiated at different times. In civic life she has been engaged in the Daughters of the Pioneers, as president of the American Legion Auxiliary, and Manti Ladies Literary Club.

      A patriarchal blessing pronounced upon her the special talent of teaching the young and she has fulfilled her mission in this respect to the best of her ability for many years, and is still active in church and civic affairs.

      Mary and Lamont had 4 children, all b. in Manti, Utah;

1.       Henrie Lamont Miller, b.11 May 1920.

2.       Earl Andrew Miller, b. 1920s. Served in World War II.

3.       Jean Miller, b. 1930s; m. Clair Frischknecht.

4.       June Miller, twin to Jean, b. 1930s. [p. 108]

      HENRIE LAMONT MILLER, eldest child of Andrew LaMont & Mary C. (Henrie) Miller, was b. 1920s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. 1940s, P. 1930s]. He m. (1) 11 June 1945, Manti, Utah, to Doris Irene Wallace, dau. of Beryl A. & Verita Adelaide (Allen) Wallace Sr. She was b. 1920s, Middletown, New York [bapt. 1940s, end. & H. 1940s].

      He m. (2) Betty Jean Long on 9 Oct. 1953. She was b. 1930s, Salina Utah, dau. of Vernon R. & Luella (Chamberlain) Long [bapt. 1940s, end. & H. 1950s].

      Henry Lamont and Doris Irene (Wallace) Miller had 2 children, b. in Denver, Colorado:

1.       Linda Ann Miller, b. 1940s.

2.       Lana Irene Miler, b. 1940s.

      EARL ANDREW MILLER, 2nd child of Andrew Lamont & Mary C. (Henrie) Miller, was b. 1920s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]; m. (1) 4 Sept. 1946, Peggy Lou Weathers, in Salt Lake City. She was b. 1920s, Shawnee, Oklahoma, dau. of Irvin Hiest & Roberta Rebecca (Stout) Weathers. [She was end. & H. 1940s.]

      Earl Andrew m. (2) 18 Jan. 1951, to Elaine Mellor, dau. of Roy D. & Vivian Margaret (Anderson) Mellor. She was b. 1920s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1950s, H. 1950s]. They had 1 child:

1.       Jill Miller, b. 1950s, Provo, Utah.

      JEAN MILLER, 3rd child of Andrew Lamont & Mary C. (Henrie) Miller, was b. 1930s, Manti, Utah, twin to June Miller [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1950s]; m. 1950s, to Clair E. Frischknect. He was b. 1930s, Manti, Utah, s. of Wilford C. & Elda (Christensen) Frischknect. [He was bap. 12 Nov. 1938, end. 1950s.] They had 1 child:

1.       Scott Clair Frischknecht, b. 1950s, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

      JUNE MILLER, 4th child of Andrew Lamont & Mary C. (Henrie) Miller, was b. 1930s, Manti, twin to Jean Miller [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1950s]; m. 1950s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Sheldon C. Schofield. He was b. 1925, Spring City, Utah, s. of Claren C. & Jessie (Baxter) Schofield [he was end. for a mission]. [p. 109]


      THEA VONDA HENRIE, dau. of Jerome Bradley & Thea Annie (Lund) Henrie, was b. 24 Nov. 1903, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Ruel Eldon Christenson, s. of Andrew & Mary E. (Pehrson) Christenson. He was b. 5 Apr. 1904, Ephraim, Utah [end. 1920s]. They had 5 children:

1.       Carol Thea Christenson, b. 1920s-31, Salt Lake City, Utah [bapt. 1940s, end. & H. 1950s]; m. 1950s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Joyce Elmer Gunderson, b. 1920s [end. 1950s].

2.       Ruel Halbert Christenson, b. 1930s, Salt Lake City [bapt. 1940s].

3.       Kary Henrie Christenson, b. 1930s, Salt Lake City [bapt. 1940s].

4.       Andrew Henrie Christenson, b. 1930s, Ephraim, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

5.       Janet Christenson, b. 1940s, Salina, Utah [bapt. 6 Jan.1952].


      IRETA HENRIE, dau. of Jerome Bradley & Thea Annie (Lund) Henrie, was b. 13 Dec. 1907, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple, to Richard Eugene Peterson, s. of Antone P. N. & Sarah Emily (Tompson) Peterson. He was b. 27-29 Aug.1907, Scipio, Millard Co., Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; d. 1940s, Ephraim, Utah, and bur. there June 20. Ireta m. (2) Arnold Armstrong; m. (3) 1 June 1945, Everett Strate, in Provo, Utah.

      Ireta and Richard Eugene adopted 2 children:

1.       Karma Peterson, b. 1930s, Salt Lake City, Utah.

2.       Karl Richard Peterson, b. 1930s, Salt Lake City [bapt. 1940s], d. 1940s, at Ephraim, Utah. He was struck and killed by an automobile.


      MARTHA HENRIE, 8th child of Jerome Bradley & Thea Annie (Lund) Henrie, was b. 1910s, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1920s; end. & H. [p. 110] 6 June 1934]. Martha m. 1930s, in Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Glenn R. Kenner. He was b. 1910s, Manti, s. of Robert Lee & Katherine (Brown) Kenner (end. 1930s].

      Martha graduated from Manti High School in 1930, and Snow Junior College in 1932. She later taught school for two years in Tooele, Utah. After moving to Provo in 1937, she taught in the schools for a period of 6 years. At different times she attended Brigham Young University and L.D.S. Business College. At present she has her license for both real estate and insurance and assists her husband with their business affairs. She has held various positions in the Church, having taught for several years in the Sunday School and M.I.A., and acted as president of the Y.W.M.I.A. During 1952-53 she was president of the Beta Sorosis Literary Club and has held positions in civic and federated clubs in Provo.

      Glenn graduated from Manti High School in 1930. He attended Snow Junior College for 2 years and the Agricultural College at Logan for 2 years, graduating in 1934. He received his Master’s degree from the Brigham Young University in 1936, and has done graduate work at the University of Southern Calif. Since moving to Provo, he has taught at the Provo High School, being head of the Commercial Department. He also has his private real estate and insurance business. He has taken part in civic and Church affairs in Provo. He has been counselor and president of Y.M.M.I.A. He has also been active in the Junior Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Organization, Young Republicans, and Boy Scouts. While he was president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce in 1945-46 he received the state aware for being the outstanding president of that year. He also won the Distinguished Service Award in Provo in 1946.

      Glenn R. & Martha (Henrie) Kenner had 2 children:

1.       Janet Kenner, b. 1930s, Logan, Utah [bapt. 1940s]; m. 1950s, Provo, Utah, to Ilyn Garrick, son of Marrison & Velma Garrick. They had 1 child:

(1)       Kathy Lynne Garrick, b. 1950s, Provo.

2.       Judy Kenner, b. 1930s, Provo [bapt. 1940s]. [p. 111]