Chapter XIV
Ephraim Henrie

      EPHRAIM HENRIE, 7th child of James & Rhoana (Hatch) Henrie, was b. 10 May 1862, South Bountiful, a few miles north of Salt Lake City, Utah [bapt. 1870, end. 1920s], d. 1930s, Ferron, Emery Co., Utah, and bur. there 11 June. He m. 30 Dec. 1884, Panguitch, Garfield Co., Utah, to Sarah Jane Hancock, dau. of Cyrus & Martha Ann (Bracken) Hancock. She was b. 4 May 1867, Fort Hamilton, Utah [bapt. 1876, end. & H. 1920s], d. 1930s, Ferron, and bur. there 24-25 Nov.

      The following history of Ephraim Henrie was contributed by his eldest child, Effie Mable (Henrie) Livingston:

      When “Eph” was about 3 years old his parents moved from South Bountiful to Panaca, Nevada, and then on to Panguitch, Utah. Some time in his early years he fell backwards into a tub of hot water and was badly burned. He carried the scars from this accident to his grave. He did not receive much schooling in his childhood, but gained a practical education later in his life. He loved to read the Bible and Book of Mormon, as well as other religious books. He was a man of great faith and had the gift of healing.

      When he married his father gave him a ranch, called the Old Henrie Ranch. It was 15 miles south of Panguitch. He raised cattle and horses there. He spent some of his time making race tracks and training horses, along with his brother Dan. He owned a pedigreed Hamiltonian horse, named “Black Boy,” of which the family was very proud, as he was a wonderful trotter The family as also known for the good butter and cheese they produced on this place.

      After 15 years on the Old Henrie Ranch, they moved to Green River, Utah. There they bought 80 acres of land, covered with cottonwood trees. Eph and the boys cleared the land and raised many melons, fruit, garden stuff, and hay. The house was built of cottonwood logs. But they didn’t get along too well there, financially. All the family except Eph had typhoid fever. They also had some bad accidents, such as broken bones, and lost one son with the measles .

      While they lived at Green River, Eph was set apart as second counselor to Presiding Elder P. J. Fullmer. He held this position for about 5 years.

      After 9 years there, they sold out in 1906, receiving good money for their place. They moved to Ferron, Utah, and bought a six-acre place with a large old brick house on it, together with a nice little farm. They raised hay, grain, and fruit there and did very well.

      The children grew up, eventually married, and settled there or close by. One boy was killed while working in the Columbia Coal Mine in Carbon Co., Utah. left a wife and eight children. Their baby boy, age 18, was killed while playing football at Ferron. All these tragedies effected their lives. [p. 216]

Ephraim Le Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie had 14 children:

1.       Effie Mable Henrie, b. 21 Aug. 1886, Panguitch; m. LeRoy Livingston.

2.       Ephraim Parley Henrie, b. 13 Nov. 1887, Panguitch, d. 1 Feb. 1891 [ P. 1920s].

3.       Juletty Marion Henrie b. 20 Fob. 1889, Panguitch, d. 20 Feb. 1889 [ P. 1920s].

4.       George Albert Henrie, b. 6 Sept. 1890, Panguitch, d. 17 Sept. 1890 [ P. 1920s].

5.       James Melvin Henrie, b. 8 Jan. 1892, Panguitch; m. Mary Elizabeth Quinn.

6.       Cyrus Vern Henrie, b. 22 Jan. 1894, Panguitch; m. Dora Jane Olson.

7.       Martha Ann Henrie, b. 24-29 Sept. 1895, Panguitch, m. her cousin Claud Henrie Funk. (See p. 45.)

8.       Samuel Osburn Henrie, b. 5 May 1898, Panguitch; m. Nola May Hitchcock or Highcock.

9.       Carlos Ray Henrie, b. 22 Oct. 1900, Green River, Emery Co., Utah, d. 18 Mar. 1902 [ P. 1920s].

10.       Rhoana Henrie, b. 8 Jan. 1903, Green River; m. Charles Foster Nelson.

11.       Hazel Ida Henrie, b. 28-29 Apr. 1906, Green River; m. Brazil Oren Barker.

12.       Reva Henrie, b. 17 June 1909, Ferron, Utah; m. her cousin Bruce Everett Funk. (See p. 50.)

13.       Roland Henrie, b. 17 June 1909, Feron; m. Idell Huntsman.

14.       Orvil Dee Henrie, b. 1910s, Ferron, d. 1930s, unmarried. [bapt. 1920s, P. 1920s].


      EFFIE MABLE HENRIE, 1st child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 21 Aug. 1886, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 3 July 1904, end, & H. 1920s, P. 1920s]; m. 1 Apr. 1909, Castle Dale, Emery Co., Utah, to LeRoy Livingston, s. of Archabel George & Temperance (Gillispie) Livingston. He was b. 29 Jan. 1885, Fountain Green, Utah [bapt, 1 Aug. 1898, end. 1920s]. They had 2 children:

1.       Mona Livingston, b. 1910s, Castle Dale, Utah [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1920s, Castle Dale, to William Martin Marsing, s. of Martin Luther & Lucy Fidelia (Powell) Marsing. He was b. 11 July 1906, Moffitt ?, Utah [bapt. 1910s, P. 1920s]. [p. 217]

      William Martin & Mona (Livingston) Marsing had 4 children, all b. in Price, Utah.

(1)       Verna Jean Marsing, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s].

(2)       Joyce Arlene Marsing, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Marilyn Marsing, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(4)       Paula Marie Marsing, b. 1940s.

2.       Norma Sadie Livingston, 2nd child of LeRoy & Effie Mable (Henrie) Livingston, was b. 1910s, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to George Luray Watt, s. of James Arthur & Elsie Diantha (Olsen) Watt. He was b. 1910s, Sunnyside, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s, P. 1920s]. They had 2 children:

(1)       LaRue Watt, b. 1930s, Price, Utah.

(2)       George Ronald Watt, b. 1930s, Spring Canyon, Carbon Co., Utah.


      JAMES MELVIN HENRIE, 5th child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 8 Jan. 1892, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 3 July 1904]; m. 1910s, Provo, Utah, to Mary Elizabeth Quinn, dau. of John Franklin & Mary Ann (White Quinn. She was b. 28 Aug. 1897, Huntington, Emery Co., Utah [bapt. 1 Mar. 1908]. They had 6 children:

1.       Melva Elizabeth Henrie, b. 1910s, Hiawatha, Carbon Co., Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1950s]; m. 1930s, Wellington, Utah, to Hyrum Arvil Huntington, s. of Archie Dillioan & Velma Jane (Jewks) Huntington. He was b. 1910s, Orangevill Emery Co., Utah [bapt.; end. 1950s]. They had 8 children [all P. 1950s]:

(1)       Melvan Archie Huntington, b. 1930s, Orangeville, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Darrel Keith Huntington, b. 1930s, Orangeville [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Ramona Rae Huntington, b. 1930s, Price Utah [bapt 1940s].

(4)       Kenneth Huntington, b. 1940s, Hiawatha, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(5)       Connie Darlene Huntington, b. 1940s, Price [bapt. 1950s]. [p. 218]

(6)       Clyde Evan Huntington, 6th child of Hyrum Arvil Huntington b. 1940s, Price, Utah.

(7)       Phylis Ann Huntington, b. 1940s, Price.

(8)       Mary Alice Huntington, b. 1940s, Price.

2.       Ephraim James Henrie, 2nd child of James Melvin & Mary Elizabeth (Quinn) Henrie, was b. 1910s, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Price, Utah, to Jennie Della or Jennie V. Barney, dau. of Clarence Delbert & Mary Elizabeth (Anderson) Barney. She was b. 1910s, Nine Mile, Utah. They had 1 child:

(1)       Joan Henrie, b. 1940s, Price, Utah.

3.       Sarah Alice Henrie, b. 1920s, Price [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Wellington, Utah, to William Dimick, s. of Ruben Presley & Mary A (Higby) Dimick. He was b. 1910s, Sunnyside, Utah [bapt. 1930s]. They had 3 children:

(1)       Dennis Lynn Dimick, b. 1940s, American Fork, Utah [bapt. Nov. 1948].

(2)       William Earl Dimick, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City, Utah

(3)       Terry Lee Dimick, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City.

4.       Wallace Henrie, b. 1920s, Price [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, to Betty Jo Memory, dau. of George Frank & Arlean (Miner) Memory. She was b. 1920s, Springville, Utah. They had 2 children:

(1)       David Roy Henrie, b. 1940s, National City, Calif.

(2)       Diane Arlene Henrie, b. 1940s, San Diego, Calif.

5.       Blain Henrie, b. 1930s, Price [bapt. 1930s].

6.       Phyllis Joy Henrie, b. 1930s, Price, d. 1930s.


      CYRUS VERN HENRIE, 6th child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 22 Jan. 1894, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 3 July 1904, end. 1930s], d. 1930s, Salt Lake City, and bur. 8 Apr. at Price, Utah. He m. 1910s, Castle Dale, Utah, to Dora Martha Olson, dau. of Fredrick & Martha Caroline (Stevens) Olson. She was b. 7 Jan. 1897, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 1 July 1906, end. & H. 1930s]; she d. 1940s, Price, and bur. there 16 Aug. They had 9 children: [Cyrus was P. 29 Apr.1947.]

1.       Glendon Vern Henrie, b. 1910s-15, Ferron [bapt. 1920s, P. 1930s]; m to Edna May Herman, dau. of Jack Herman. [p. 219]

      Glendon Vern & Edna May (Herman) Henrie had 2 children:

(1)       Bonnie Jean Henrie,

(2)       Kenneth Henrie, b. 1945.

2.       Lylas Henrie, 2nd child of Cyrus Vern & Dora Martha (Olson) Henrie, was b. 1910s, Mohrland, Emery Co., Utah [bapt. 1920s, P. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Wellington, Utah, to Lawrence Charles Hartley, s. of Charles Henrie & Victoria Florence (Ayers) Hartley. He was b. 1910s, Salt Lake City.

3.       Leo Cyrus Henrie, b. 1910s, Rochester, Utah [bapt. 1920s, P. 1930s]; m. 1940s, to Catherine Pearson.

4.       Barbara Martha Henrie, b. 1910s, LaSal, San Juan Co., Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1940s, P. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Newell Henry Day, s. of Henry Edwin & Lillian (Bear) Day. He was b. 1910s, Spring Canyon, Carbon Co., Utah [bapt 1920s, end. 1940s]. They had 2 children:

(1)       Dennis Newell Day, b. 1940s, Standardville, Utah [bapt. 1950s].

(2)       Gerald Jack Day, b. 1940s, Standardville.

5.       Lyman Henrie, b. 1920s, Moab, Utah, d, 1920s [ P. 1930s].

6.       George Henrie, b. 1920s, LaSal, Utah [bapt. 1930s, S. to P. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Las Vegas, Nevada, to Joyce Margaret Henderson, dau. of Robert James & Vera Mabel (Perkins) Henderson. She was b. 1920s, Royal, Utah. They had 3 children: George was in Anzio Campaign, World War II; a prisoner of the Germans; received the Purple Heart Award.

(1)       George Vernon Henrie, b. 1940s, Price, Utah.

(2)       Randi Henrie, b. 1940s, Price.

(3)       Karen Henrie, b. 1950s, Delta, Utah.

7.       Rex Henrie, b. 1920s, LaSal, Utah [bapt. 1930s-36, P. 1930s]; m. Juanita June Shook.

8.       Fern Henrie, b. 1920s, Columbia, Carbon Co., Utah [bapt. 1930s ?, S to P. 10 Sept. 1931]; m. 1940s, Price, Utah, to Leonard Earl Larsen, s. of Leonard Clarence & Catherine Jane (Evans) Larsen. He was b. 1920s, Castle Gate, Utah [bapt. 1930s]. No children.

9.       Carlos Henrie, b. 1920s, Columbia, Utah [bapt. 1930s ?, P. 1930s]; not married. [p. 220]


      SAMUEL OSBURN HENRIE, 8th child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 5 Mar. 1898, Panguitch, Utah [bapt. 7 June 1908, the family record states he was not P.]; m. 1910s, to Nola Maud Hitchcock or Highcock, dau. of Franklin Deloso & Rachel Ann (Thomas) Hitchcock. She was b. 24 Jan. 1902 [bapt. 1910s]. They had 9 children:

1.       Clorine Henrie, b. 1920s, Ferron, Utah, d. 1920s.

2.       Sadie Reah Henrie, b. 1920s, Kennilworth, Carbon Co., Utah; m. 1940s, to Lon Evon Tidwell, s. of Philemon Alonzo & Emma (Anderson) Tidwell. He was b. 1910s, Fountain Green, Utah [bapt, 1920s]. They had 2 children: Sadie d. 1950s, American Fork, Utah, and bur. there.

(1)       Vonadean Tidwell, b. 1940s, Tooele, Utah.

(2)       Renae Tidwell, b. 1950s, Lehi, Utah.

3.       Dora Dean Henrie, b. 1920s, Ferron, d. Oct. 1924.

4.       Shirley Mae Henrie, b. 1920s, Standardville, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Price, Utah, to Kirk Fred Clawson, s. of James Clint & Kathryn (Anderson) Clawson. He was b. 1920s, Castle Dale, Utah. They had 2 children, b. in Price, Utah:

(1)       Creig Clawson, b. 1940s.

(2)       Janette Clawson, b. 1940s.

5.       Nola Jean Henrie, b. 1920s, Ferron [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1950s]; m. 1950s, Logan (L.D.S. Temple), to Calvin Devello Whatcott, s. of Hearl Devello & Valera (Snow) Whatcott. He was b. 1920s, Provo, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]. He teaches at Wasatch School, Provo.

      They had 2 children:

(1)       Lynett Whatcott, b. 1950s, Provo.

(2)       Denise Whatcott, b. 1950s, Provo.

6.       Bobbie LaRee Henrie, b. 1920s-29, Standardville, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Duchesne, Utah, to Donald H. ? Anderton, s. of Neil & Irene (Hale) Anderton. He was b. 1920s, Duchesne, Utah. They had 2 children, b. in Price, Utah:

(1)       Irene Anderton, b. 1940s.

(2)       Connie Anderton, b. 1940s.

7.       Arba Lee Henrie, b. 1930s, Ferron [bapt. 1940s].

8.       Berna Dee Henrie, b. 1930s, Ferron [bapt. 1940s].

9.       Son Henrie, b. 1926, Standardville, Utah, d. 1926 probably day it was b. as no name was given. [p. 221]


      RHOANA HENRIE, 10th child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 8 Jan. 1903, Green River, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s, P. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to Charles Foster Nelson, s. of Charles Erastus & Emily Celia (Olsen) Nelson. He was b. 16 Aug. 1900, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]. They had 7 children:

1.       Bazel Foster Nelson, b. 1920s, Ferron [bapt. 1930s].

2.       Kerry Dahl Nelson, b. 1920s, Ferron [bapt. 1930s],

3.       Dennis Evert Nelson, b. 1920s, Price [bapt. 1930s].

4.       Vorace Kay Nelson, b. 9 Dec. abt. 1927, Ferron [bapt, 1940s].

5.       Orvel Dee Nelson, b. 25 Sept. abt. 1929, Ferron.

6.       Joice Nelson (female), b. 1940s, Ferron.

7.       Evan Nelson, b. 1940s, Ferron.


      HAZEL IDA HENRIE, 11th child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 28-29 Apr. 1906, Green River, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s, she was not P. according to family record]. She m. 1920s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple) to Bazil Orin Barker, s. of Rufus Orrin & Ella I. (Bushman) Barker. He was b. 5 Dec. , Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]. They had 4 children.

1.       Ellen Barker, b. 1920s, Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. & H, 1940s]; m. 1940s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Alden Peter Rigby, s. of Thomas Martin & Elva LaBelle (Anderson) Rigby. He was b. 1920s, Fairview [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]. They had 3 children, b. in Logan, Utah:

(1)       Jerralyn Rigby, b. 1940s.

(2)       Larry Alden Rigby, b. 1940s.

(3)       Kevin Bazil Rigby, b. 1950s,

2.       LaVere Henrie Barker, b. 1920s, Park City, Summit Co., Utah [bapt, 1930s, end. 1940s]; m. 1940s, Logan (L.D.S Temple), to Luuella Hemmert, dau. of Joseph William & Melba (Nye) Hemmert. She was b. 1920s, St. Charles, Idaho [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 6 , July 1945]. They had 3 children:

(1)       Vernon Henrie Barker, b. 1940s, Tacoma, Pierce Co., Was.

(2)       Norman Hemmert Barker, b. 1940s, Logan, Utah.

(3)       Garth Lavere Barker, b. 1940s, Logan. [p. 222]

3.       Billy Ray Barker, 3rd child of Bazil Orin & Hazel Ida (Henrie) Barker, was b. 1930s, Boulder City, Nevada [bapt. 1940s, end. 30 Jan. 195 1] .

4.       Betty Darlene Barker, b. 1930s, Boulder City, Nevada [bapt. 1940s] .


      ROLAND HENRIE, 13th child of Ephraim & Sarah Jane (Hancock) Henrie, was b. 17 June 1909, Ferron, Emery Co., Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s]; m. 1920s, Ferron, to Idel Huntsman, dau. of Hyrum R. & Olive Celestia (Bullard) Huntsman. She was b. 1910s, Ferron [bapt. 1910s]. [Roland P. 1920s]. They had 4 children:

1.       Carol Jean Henrie, b 1930s, Ferron [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Price, Utah, to Willy Loyde Yates, s. of Loyde & Harrie (Lock) Yates. He was b. 1920s, Euawala, McIntosch Co., Okla. a non-member of L.D.S. Church. They had 3 children:

(1)       Kathryn Irene Yates, b. 1940s, Orangeville, Utah.

(2)       Myrlena Dell Yates, b. 1940s, Price, Utah.

(3)       Loyde Dale Yates, b. 1940s, Dragerton, Utah.

2.       Dahl Henrie, b. 10 Jan :934, Ferron [bapt. 1940s] .

3.       Rodger Lee Henrie, b. 1930s, Price, Utah.

4.       Roland Henrie Jr., b. 1930s, Price, d. 1930s. [p. 223]