Chapter XXVI
Joseph Henrie

      JOSEPH HENRIE, 3rd child of William & Myra (Mayall) Henrie, was b. 20 Apr. 1829, Miami (or Blue Rock), Hamilton Co., Ohio [bapt. June 1843, end. 10 Nov. 1855, P. 1940s1]. He d. 18 Jan. 1907, Rockland, Power Co., Idaho. He m. (1) 29 Jan. 1851, Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah, to Susan Duncan, dau. of James & Rebecca (Heron) Duncan. She was b. 17 June 1829, St. Clair, Illinois [bapt.; end. & H. 10 Nov. 1855]; she d. May 1921 in Montpelier, Idaho. Joseph m. (2) in Bountiful, Utah, Susannah Lasley, dau. of John Welton-William & Elizabeth (White) Lasley. She was b. 26 Feb. 1841, Adams Co., Ill. [bapt. 1848, end. & H. 1 Dec. 1865, in Old Endowment House, Salt Lake City]; she d. 3 May 1879, Millville, Cache Co., Utah. Joseph m. (3) 26 Apr. 1892, Logan (L.D.S. Temple), to Mrs. Olive Pitkin; she m. (1) a Mr. Chandler. She had a son Eli Merian Henrie, b. 1 May 1883, Millville.2

1       There probably was an earlier sealing date to his parents, but it could not be found and the work was done again.

2       Eli carried the name of Henrie; either his birthdate is incorrect or he was a son of a former husband of Mrs. Olive Pitkin.

      Joseph Henrie became identified with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 1840, while living with his parents in Nauvoo, Ill. He experienced the persecutions of the Saints at this time. He was one of the honored pioneers whose early life was made eventful by his close touch with the Prophet Joseph Smith.

      After expulsion of the Saints from Nauvoo, he started West with an early migration of Saints. Reaching Council Bluffs, he remained there until 1842. when he, with his mother and only living sister Margaret and youngest brother Samuel, came on in Heber C. Kimballís Company to Utah.

      The first location of the family was at Bountiful, Utah. After 1860, he moved to Millville, Cache Co., Utah, where his ability as a colonizer and integrity as a Saint were marked with honor.

      Later, Joseph moved to Rockland, Idaho, where he resided until his death. His funeral services were very impressive. He was a well known and faithful member of the Rockland Ward. (See pictures on pp. 11 and 12.)

      Joseph and Susan (Duncan) Henrie had 11 children:

1.       Joseph Ozro Henrie, b. 5 Nov. 1852, Bountiful, Utah; m. (1) Martha Weaver; m. (2) Mary Anderson.

2.       Mary Matilda Henrie, b. 8 May 1855, Bountiful; m. Jay L. Pitkin.

3.       Malinda Alcine Henrie, b. abt. 11 Dec. 1856, Bountiful, d. an infant.

4.       Murandie Elcine Henrie, b. Bountiful, d. an infant.

5.       James Duncan Henrie, b. 15 Apr. 1857, Bountiful; m. Rogena Toolson. [p. 314]

6.       Olive Vilate Henrie, 6th child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 15 Sept. 1860, Millville, Cache Co., Utah; m Robert A. Birch.

7.       Louisa Jane Henrie, b. 14 Feb. 1863, Millville; m. George Talbot.

8.       Huldah Rebecca Henrie, b. 17 Dec. 1867, Millville; m. Moroni Jefferson Davis.

9.       John Arthur Henrie, b. 3 Mar. 1868, Millville; m. Sarah Elizabeth Hovey.

10.       Samuel Senor Henrie, b. 4 Dec. 1870, Millville; m. Anne May Hulse.

11.       Florence Ella Henrie, b. 19 May 1873, Millville; m. William Anderson

Joseph Henrie and his 2nd wife Susannah Lasley had 11 children:

1.       Elizabeth Ann Henrie, b. 2-3 Nov. 1859, Bountiful, Utah; m. James Ira May.

2.       Myra Orilla Henrie, b. 20 Dec. 1861, Bountiful [bapt. 5 Aug. 1876, end. 4 June 1886]; m. Nephi Wood.

3.       William Riley Henrie, b. 25-27 Nov. 1864, Millville, Utah.

4.       Margaret Alice-Ann Henrie, b. 21 Sept. 1865, Millville, d. infant.

5.       Martin Welton Henrie, b. 8 Sept. 1867, Millville; m. Ruby Stredder.

6.       Daniel Orson Henrie, b. 2 Oct. 1869, Calls Fort, Utah.

7.       Sylvia Celestia Henrie, b. 19 July 1871, Bountiful [bapt. 10 June 1883, end. 23 Oct. 1895], d. 1920s; m. Joseph O. Davis.

8.       Theodore Thadius Henrie, b. 4 Oct. 1873, Millville.

Too light to read. Can someone else find this?
      9.       Joseph Warren Henrie, b. 25 July 1875, Millville [bapt.; end. 1940s], d. 1920s, Jackson, Wyo., bur. 22 May 1927 at Grovont, Wyo. He m. May 1906, in Jackson, Wyo., to Daisy Carroll She was b. 26 Sept. 1878, Fremont, Neb. [bapt. 1940s], d. 1 Sept. 194?, Jackson, Wyo., bur. 3 Sept. at Grovont.

10.       Edith Miriam Henrie, b. 29 May 1877, Millville; m. William Walter Howard.

11.       Charles Henrie, b. 23 Apr. 1879, Millville, d. 28 Aug. 1879.


      JOSEPH OZRO HENRIE, eldest child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 5 Nov. 1852, Bountiful, Utah [bapt. 1860, end. 1 Mar. 1872]; m. (1) Martha Weaver. He m. (2) Mary Anderson, dau. of Christen C. & Kisten B. (Nelson) Anderson. She was b. 24 May 1857, Alberg, Juthan, Denmark [bapt. 1885, end. & H. 1 Mar. 1878]; she d. 1940s, Driggs, Teton Co., Ida., and bur. there 2 Mar. [p. 315]

      Joseph Ozro & Mary (Anderson) Henrie had 10 children:

1.       Susie Malinda Henrie, b. 6 June 1878, Hyrum, Cache Co , Utah; m. Alfred Chester Toland.

2.       Mary Elizabeth Henrie, b. 23 Aug. 1880, Bennington, Bear Lake Co., Idaho, d. 22 Feb. 1882.

3.       Estella Henrie, b. 21 Jan. 1883, Georgetown, Bear Lake Co., Idaho; m. Robert Elmer Griggs.

4.       Chestina Henrie, b. 22-27 Sept. 1885 Bennington, Ida. [bapt. 15 Oct. 1893]; m. 9 Sept 1909 [Logan Temple] to Paul Augustus Hansen. They had 1 child:

(1)       Una Malinda Hansen, b. 1910s, Clawson, Teton Co., Idaho; m. 1930s, Driggs, Idaho, to Thomas Gene Waldram-Waldrum, b. 24 Sept. 1904, Driggs [bapt. 1940s]. They had 3 children:

a.       Sharon Waldrun, b. 1930s, Rigby, Idaho.

b.       Diane Jo Waldrum, b. 1940s, Driggs, Idaho.

c.       Kenneth Lynn Waldrum, b. 1940s, Coeur díAlene, Idaho.

5.       James Ozro Henrie, b. 9 Nov. 1888, Bennington, Idaho [bapt. 1895]; m. 1910s, to Una Peacock. He d. 1930s, Jackson, Teton Co., Wyo. They had 3 children:

(1)       Blanche Henrie, b. 1910s, Clawson, Idaho.

(2)       Elgin Henrie, b. 1910s, Driggs, Idaho.

(3)       Joseph Henrie, b. 1916, Driggs.

6.       Joseph Arthur Henrie, b. 7 Jan. 1891, Auburn, Lincoln Co., Wyo. [bapt. 1899], d. 1940s.

7.       Walter Warren Henrie, b. 4 Mar. 1895, Auburn, Wyo. [bapt. 1903]; m. 1920s, Casper, Wyo, to Be tie Herbertson, b. 29 Mar. 1889. They had no children.

8.       Lester Eugene Henrie, b. 5 May 1897, Auburn, Wyo. [bapt. 16 Nov. 1905, end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Salt Lake City, Utah, to Lucile May Griggs, dau. of James F. & Maude (Pratt) Griggs. She was b. 8 Dec. 1900, Salt Lake City [bapt. 1 May 1909, end. & H. 1920s]. Lester was a Skaggs merchant, had a store in Portland for a number of years and others in Oregon and possibly one in Calif. Lucile was a wonderful housekeeper and mother. They had 3 children. [p. 316]

            Lester Eugene & Lucile May (Griggs) Henrie had 3 children:

(1)       Dolores Lucile Henrie, b, 1920s, Salt Lake City, Utah [bapt. 1930s].

(2)       Lester Eugene Henrie Jr., b. 1920s, Marshfield, Coos Co., Ore. [bapt. 1930s].

(3)       Jack Griggs Henrie, b 1920s, Portland, Multnomah Co., Ore.

9.       Adelbert Ruel Henrie, 9th child of Joseph Ozro & Mary (Anderson) Henrie, was b. 11 Aug. 1899, Auburn, Wyo.; m. Blanch Ward or Evelyn James. It is not certain which one he married, or if he married twice.

10.       Lula May Henrie, b. 8 Oct. 1901, Auburn, Wyo. [bapt. 3 June 1909-1910]; m. 1920s, Driggs, Teton Co., Ida, to Ralph Lorenzo Jensen, s. of Lorenzo & Elvira (Hoops) Jensen. He was b. 5 Sept. 1898, Weston, Franklin Co., Idaho. They had 3 children:

(1)       James Ralph Jensen, b. 1920s, Salt Lake City, Utah [bapt. 1930s], d. 1940s.

(2)       Loren Jensen, b. 1920s, Salt Lake City, d. same day.

(3)       Georgia Carol Jensen, b. 1930s, Grand Island, Hall Co., Neb. [bapt. Aug. 1941].

      SUSIE MALINDA HENRIE, eldest child of Joseph Ozro & Mary (Anderson) Henrie, was b. 6 June 1878, Hyrum, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 1886, end 1930s, H. 1950s]; m. 23 Dec. 1898, Auburn, Wyo., to Alfred Chester Toland, s. of Frank & Clara Estella (Foss) Toland. He was b. 18 July 1878, Woodruff, Utah [bapt. 1950s, end. 1950s], d. 1950s, Afton, Wyo., and bur. there. They had 7 children:

1.       Carrie Adele Toland, b. 1 May 1899, Auburn, Wyo. [bapt. 1 May 1907, end. 1920s, H. 1940s, P. 1950s]; m. Dailmorice James Anderson, s. of Earl Alfred & Anna Christina (Jacobson) Anderson. He was b. 1910s, Fountain Green, Sanpete Co., Utah. They had 3 children:

(1)       Hal Toland Anderson, b. 1930s, Las Vegas, Clark Co., Nev, d. 1930s.

(2)       Wally Dale Anderson, b. 1930s, Salt Lake City [bapt. 1945].

(3)       Patsy Kay Anderson, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City [bapt. 1950].

2.       Alfred Conrad Toland, b. 29 Dec. 1901-2, Auburn [bapt. 29 Dec. 1909, end. 1920s], d. 1940s, Lewiston, Nez Perce Co., Ida., and bur. Tremonton, Box Elder Co., Utah, 19 Mar. He m. 1920s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to Pearl Williams, dau. of Calvin W. Sarahan (Davis) Williams. [p. 317]

            Pearl Williams was b. 23 Sept. 1900, Axson, Atkinson Co., Georgia [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s]. Alfred Conrad & Pearl (Williams) Toland had 5 children:

(1)       Dorian Conrad Toland, b. 1920s, Afton, Lincoln Co., Wyo. [bapt. 1930s, end. 1950s], d. 1940s. He m. 1940s, to Theva Nichols.

(2)       Joyce Oneil Toland, b. 1920s, Osgood, Bonneville Co., Idaho [bapt. 1930s].

(3)       Pamela Toland, b. 1930s, Pocatello, Bannock Co., Idaho [bapt. 1940s]; m. 1950s, to Don J. Hill.

(4)       Dianne Toland, b. 1930s, Bremerton, Wash. [bapt. 1940s].

(5)       Karla Toland, b. 1940s, Kellogg, Idaho.

3.       Mary Estella Toland, 3rd child of Alfred Chester & Susie Malinda (Henrie) Toland, was b. 21 Feb. 1904-5, Auburn, Wyo. [bapt. 1910s]; m 1920s, Salt Lake City, to Archibald Gardner, s. of Brigham Ozro & Unice Emma (Michaelson) Gardner. He was b. 30 Aug. 1904, Afton, Wyo., d. 1950s [end. 1920s], [Mary was end. & H. 1920s.] He d. in Afton. They had 5 children.

(1)       Nada Joy Gardner, b. 1930s, Afton.

(2)       Gayla Gardner, b. 1930s, Afton [end. 1950s]; m 1950s, to Dee C. Astle.

(3)       Hal A. Gardner, b. 1930s, Afton.

(4)       Dahl Gardner, b. 1940s, Afton.

(5)       Emma Lynn Gardner, b. 1940s, Afton.

4.       Garland Martell Toland, b. 20 Sept. 1907, Auburn, Wyo. [bapt. 1910s, end. 1940s]; m. 1930s, Randolph, Rich Co., Utah, to Grace Johnson, b. 1910s, Afton, Wyo. [bapt.; end. & H 1940s]. They had 4 children, all b. in Afton. Grace was a dau. of Arthur W. & Mary Elizabeth (Crook) Johnson.

(1)       Larry Toland, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s, P. 1940s]; m. 1950s, Marjorie Balls.

(2)       Eugene Toland, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s, P. 1940s].

(3)       Jean Toland, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s, P. 1940s].

(4)       Temm Toland, b. 1940s [bapt. 1949, P. 1940s].

5.       Darrell Toland, b. 1910s, Auburn, Wyo., d. 1910s, Driggs, Teton Co., Idaho. [ P. 1950s]. [p. 318]

6.       Elaine Toland, b. 1910s, Auburn, Wyo , 6th child of Alfred Chester & Susie Malinda (Henrie) Toland [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1940s, S to P. 29 Aug. 1952]; m. 1940s, Salt Lake City, to Clarence LaVere Hoopes, s. of Clarence & Ida Luella (Richardson) Hoopes. He was b. 1910s, Fairview, Lincoln Co., Wyo. [end. 1940s]. They had 4 children:

(1)       Terry L. Hoopes, b. 1940s, Laramie, Wyo. [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Donetta Hoopes, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City, Utah.

(3)       Darryl F. Hoopes, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City.

(4)       Alayna Hoopes, b. 1950s, Salt Lake City.

7.       Carol Donna Toland, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s, end & H. 1940s]; m 1940s, Freedom, Idaho, to William Buckwalter Smart, b 1920s [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]. [Carol was P. 1950s.] They had 3 children:

(1)       William Toland Smart, b. 1940s, Portland, Ore.

(2)       Melinda Smart, b. 1950s, Salt Lake City.

(3)       Kristen Smart, b. 1950s, Salt Lake City.

      ESTELLA HENRIE, 3rd child of Joseph Ozro & Mary (Anderson) Henrie, was b. 21 Jan. 1883, Georgetown, Bear Lake Co., Idaho [bapt. 31 July 1891, end.& H. 3 Mar. 1909]; m. 28 Aug. 1907, Clawson, Idaho, to Robert Elmer Griggs, s. of Thomas & Jeanette Scott (Ure) Griggs. He was b. 7 Nov 1877, Salt Lake City, Utah [bapt. 30 Nov. 1885, end. 3 Mar. 1909]. They had 7 children:

1.       Ora Henrie Griggs, b. 1 June 1908, Clawson, Idaho [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1930s, Boise, Idaho, to Ray Thorp b. 24 Dec. 1902, Pendleton, Ore., non-member of L.D.S. Church. They had 4 children:

(1)       Sandra Thorp, b. 1930s, Boise, Ada Co., Idaho.

(2)       Malcolm Ray Thorp, b. 1940s, Ketch Kow, Alaska.

(3)       Karen Thorp, b. 1940s, Aberdeen, Wash.

(4)       Valerie Thorp, b. 1940s, Falmouth, Mass.

2.       Lois Maurine Griggs, b. 1910s, Driggs or Clawson, Idaho [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1930s, Pasadena, Calif., to Donald Jay Clark, s. of Jay Mann & Mildred Louise (Schenck) Clark. He was b. 22 Sept. 1907, Kansas City, Mo.

3.       Robert Elmer Griggs Jr., b. 1910s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1930s, Lakeview, Ore., to Ella Elizabeth Nelson dau. of James Clarence & Viola Agnes (Thompson) Nelson. She was b. 1910s, Chapm, Idaho. They had 2 children:

(1)       Sue Aleen Griggs, b. 1930s, Lakeview, Ore.

(2)       James Robert Griggs, b. 1940s, Driggs, Idaho. [p. 319]

4.       Ivy-Iva Lorraine Griggs, 4th child of Robert Elmer & Estella (Henrie Griggs, was b. 1910s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to Morgan Grover, s. of Thomas M. & Isabella (Hogg) Grover. He was b. 1910s, Sugar City, Idaho [bapt. 1920s, end. 1930s]. They had 3 children:

(1)       Neysha Lerraine Grover, b. 1930s, Rexburg, Madison Co., Idaho [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Thomas Morgan Grover, b. 1930s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt 1940s].

(3)       Burton Leslie Grover, b. 1940s, Boise, Idaho [bapt. 1950s].

5.       Jeanette Griggs, b. 1920s, Driggs, Idaho, d. 1920s.

6.       Mary Estella Griggs, b. 1920s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt. 1930s]; m. (1) 6 Mar. 1942, Pocatello, Idaho, to Alvin Garry Hastings, s. of Walter Otis & Bertha May (Jones) Hastings. He was b. 1910s, Tetonia, Teton Co., Idaho, non-member of L.D.S. Church. Mary Estell m. (2) 21 Feb. 1947, Dillon, Beaverhead Co., Mont., to Harry Lew Bolles, s. of Lewis Garfield & Marguerita (Rosseter) Bolles. He was b. 1920s, Eau Clair, Wis. [bapt. 1950s]. Mary Estella and Alvin Garry Hastings had 1 child:

(1)       Kathlyn Lois Hastings, b. 1940s.

            Mary Estella and Harry Lew Bolles had 2 children:

(2)       Peggy Lerraine Bolles, b. 1940s, Boise, Idaho.

(3)       Patty Rae Bolles, b. 1940s, Driggs, Idaho.

7.       Alfred Ray Griggs, b. 1920s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt. 1930s]


      MARY MATILDA HENRIE, 2nd child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 8 Mar. or May 1855, Bountiful, Davis Co., Utah [bapt. ], d. 1920s, Millville, Cache Co., Utah, and bur. there 22 Mar. She m. 11 Aug. 1877 in the Old Endowment House, Salt Lake City, to Jay Leonard Pitkin, s. of George White & Sarah Ann (Huffman) Pitkin. He was b. 11 Oct. 1850, Ogden, Utah,

      d. 5 Feb. 1909, Millville, and bur. there 7 Feb. They had 10 children, all b. in Millville:

1.       Mary Vilate Pitkin, b. 9 May 1878, d. 29 Dec. 1891.

2.       Rhoda Pitkin, b. 6 Feb. 1880, d. 7 Feb. 1880.

      3.       Sarah Elsie Pitkin, b. 10 May 1881; m. Joseph Osa Young. [p. 320]

4.       Jay Henrie Pitkin, 4th child of Jay Leonard & Mary Matilda (Henrie) Pitkin, was b. 15 Nov. 1883, d. 31 Dec. 1891.

5.       George Ozro Pitkin, b. 17 Feb. 1886; m. Bessie Smith.

6.       William Kenedy Pitkin, b. 4 Sept. 1888; m. Rachel Brandvold.

7.       Raymond Pitkin, b. 8 Mar. 1891 [bapt.; end. 1910s]; m. Edna Mauchley.

8.       Leo Earl Pitkin, b. 7 Sept. 1893; m. Ella Brandvold.

9.       Susan LaNez Pitkin, b. 26 Jan. 1896 [bapt. 3 Nov. 1904]; m. Dresden J. Cragun.

10.       Pearl Pitkin, b. 30 Nov. 1898; m. Peter W. Rogus.

      SARAH ELSIE PITKIN, 3rd child of Jay Leonard & Mary Matilda (Henrie) Pitkin, was b. 10 May 1881, Millville, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 2-6 June 1889, end. & S to H. 11 Sept. 1918]; m. 26 Sept. 1903, Cardston, Alberta, Canada, to Joseph Osa Young, s. of Joseph Gardner & Alice Violate (Porter) Young. He was b. 4 Sept. 1877, Logan, Utah [bapt. 3 Sept. 1885, end. 1910s], d. 1950s, Westwood, Lassen Co., Calif., bur. 31 Oct., Salt Lake City. They had 5 children:

1.       Connette Elsie Young, b. 10 July 1904, Cardston, Alberta, Can. [bapt. 1910s, P. 1910s]; m. 1920s, Evanston, Wyo., to Charles Ford Gilpin, s. of William Robert & Matilda Ann (Robinson) Gilpin. He was b. 3 Sept. 1902, Evanston, Wyo. They had 4 children, b. Rock Springs, Sweetwater Co., Wyo.:

(1)       Charles Druce Gilpin, b. 1920s.

(2)       Marie Connette Gilpin, b. 1920s.

(3)       Donald Jay Gilpin, b. 1920s.

(4)       Patricia Arlene Gilpin, b. 1930s.

2.       Douglas Ora Young, b. 15 Oct. 1905, Millville, Utah [bapt. 1910s, P. 1910s]; m. Ora May Prior, dau. of Joseph & Pearl (Dollarhide) Prior. She was b. 1910s, Westwood, Calif. They were divorced; had 2 children:

(1)       Joseph Douglas Young, b. 1930s, Westwood, Calif.

(2)       Don Jay Young, b. 1930s, Westwood.

3.       Jesse Mandell Young, b. 25 June 1907, Salt Lake City, Utah, d. 25 Nov. 1907 [ P. 11 Se pt. 1918]. [p. 321]

4.       Marjorie Young, 4th child of Joseph Osa & Sarah Elsie (Pitkin) Young was b. 1910s, Millville, Utah [bapt. 1920s-1, P. 1910s]; m. Robert L. Canton.

5.       Jay Alton Young, b. 1910s, Evanston, Uinta Co., Wyo. [bapt. 1920s, P. 1910s]; m. Margaret Cowley. They were divorced.


      JAMES DUNCAN HENRIE, 5th child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 15 Apr. 1857, Bountiful, Utah [bapt. 1 Aug. 1867, end. 1920s-7]; m. 6 Feb. 1893, Logan, Utah, to Jean (Rogena- Ghena-Glena) Toolson, dau. of Andrew & Ghena (Funk) Toolson. She was b. 13 Sept. 1867, Smithfield, Utah [bapt. 2 Dec. 1875, end. & H. 1920s-7]. She d. 1910s, Tetonia, Idaho, and was bur. there 5 Feb. They had 4 children, b. in Bountiful:

      1.       William Dulane Henrie, b. 15 Dec. 1893; m. 1920s, Driggs, Idaho, to Arvilla Burnham, dau. of Adelbert & Minnie (Hatch) Burnham She was b. l8 Feb 1901, Bountiful, Utah [bapt. 1910s]. They had 5 children:

(1)       Wanda B. Henrie, b. 1920s, Bountiful [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, to Herbert C. Parkin, s. of Ulysses & Ruby (Pack) Parkin. They had 1 child:

a.       Chelly Parkin, D. 1950s, Salt Lake City.

(2)       Winona Henrie, b. 1930s, Woodscross, Davis Co., Utah m. 1940s, Kenneth Ferguson; divorced 21 June 1949. They had 1 child:

a.       Sharida Ferguson, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City.

(3)       Donna Rae Henrie, b. 1930s, Salt Lake City; m. 1950s, to Donald Parkin, s. of Laurence M. & Mary (Moss) Parkin.

(4)       Adelbert Henrie, b. 1930s, Thornton, Idaho [bapt. 1940s].

(5)       James Burnham Henrie, b. 1940s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt. 1950s].

2.       Duncan Wayne Henrie, b. 16 June 1896 [bapt. 1920s, end. June 1921]; m. 1920s, Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), to Leone Call, dau. of Joseph Holbrook & Sarah Isabel (Barlow) Call. She was b. 16 Dec. 1898, Afton, Wyo. [bapt. 16 Dkc. 1906, end. & H. 1920s]. They had 2 children:

(1)       Jean Henrie, b. 1920s, Tetonia, Teton Co., Idaho [bapt, 1930s].

(2)       Patricia Henrie, b. 1930s. [p. 322]

3.       Florence Henrie, 3rd child of James Duncan & Rogena (Toolson) Henrie, dead.

4.       Susie Geneva Henrie, b. 24 Jan. 1900 [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Logan (L.D.S. Temple), to John Buxton, s. of Joseph & Tacy Snow (Harper) Buxton. He was b. 25 Oct. 1900, Smithfield, Utah [bapt. 31 Oct. 1908, end. 1920s]; he d. 1930s, Driggs, Idaho, and bur. in Smithfield, Utah, 19 Dec They had 3 children:

(1)       Orland J. Buxton, b. 1920s, Tetonia, Idaho [bapt. 3. Aug. 1935]; m. 1940s, Butte, Mont., to Yvonne MacDonald, dau. of Graham Duncan & Emily (Riggs) MacDonald She was b. 1920s, Kanab, Kane Co., Utah. They had 1 child:

a.       Gregory Buxton, b. 1950s, Kanab, Utah.

(2)       ReNae Buxton, b. 1930s, Driggs, Idaho [bapt. 31 May 1942].

(3)       Claron Buxton, b. 1930s, Rexburg, Madison Co., Ida. [bapt. 1940s].


      JOHN ARTHUR HENRIE, 9th child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 3 Mar. 1868, Millville, Utah, d. 1920s, Clawson, Teton Co., Idaho (one reference shows he d. Jan. 1926-8), bur. 18 June, at Tetonia, Idaho. He m. 1 Jan. 1895, Logan, Utah, to Sarah Elizabeth Hovey, dau. of Joseph Graphton & Mary Ann (Hulse) Hovey. She was b. 9 Apr. 1875, Millville, Utah; she d. 1910s, Clawson, Idaho, and bur Tetonia, 31 Jan. or 1 Feb. They had 10 children:

1.       Leta May Henrie, b. 24 Jan. 1896, Millville, Utah [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1910s or 31 Mar. 1920, to Alonzo Jensen Fullmer, s. of Herbert Lorenzo & Mary Christine (Jensen) Fullmer. He was b. 20 Dec. 1893, Providence, Cache Co., Utah. They had 6 children:

Verna instead of Verra?
      (1)       Verra May Fullmer, b. 1920s, Tetonia, Idaho.

(2)       Mark Alonzo Fullmer, b. 1920s, Tetonia.

(3)       Phyllis Fullmer, b. 1920s, Tetonia.

(4)       Jack Omar Fullmer, b. 1920s, Tetonia.

(5)       Nesta Luella Fullmer, b. 1930s, Clawson, Utah.

(6)       Floyd H. Fullmer, b. 1930s, Clawson, Utah.

2.       Susie Viola Henrie, b. 3 Mar. 1897, Rock Creek, Utah [bapt. 1910s]; m, Jareld Dean Hockstrasser. [p. 323]

            Jareld Dean Hockstrasser was b. 18 May 1893, Providence, Cache Co., Utah, s. of Nephi William & Jane Elinor (Fullmer) Hockstrasser. Susie Viola Henrie d. 1930s, Jackson, Wyo., and bur. in Tetonia, Idaho, 23 Jan. They had 5 children, all b. in Tetonia:

(1)       Viola Veloy Hockstrasser, b. 1910s [bapt. 1920s]; m. Cleve White.

(2)       Rodney Dean Hockstrasser, b. 1910s [bapt. 1920s]; m. Hazell Jones.

(3)       Henrie Grant Hockstrasser, b. 1920s, d. 1920s.

(4)       Burnice Nephi Hockstrasser, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s]; m. Aug. 1942, to Jean Karpoff.

(5)       John Dale Hockstrasser, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s]; m. Oct. 1947, to Barbara Mathews.

3.       Martha A. Henrie, 3rd child of John Arthur & Sarah Elizabeth (Hovey) Henrie, was b. 27-28 Dec. 1898, Clawson, Teton, Idaho, d 1 Mar. 1899

4.       Morris John Henrie, b. 1 Feb. 1900, Clawson; m. LaPreal Ballard.

5.       Lillian Florence Henrie, b. 19 May 1901, Clawson; m. Ernest Oakley Tyler, 5 July 1921.

6.       Newell Joseph Henrie, b. 5 Nov. 1902, Clawson.

7.       Victor Henrie, b. 1 Apr. 1907, Clawson, d. 1940s.

8.       Amy Elizabeth Henrie, b. 10 Nov. 1908, Clawson [bapt. 1920s, end. 1940s]; m. 1920s, to Olaf Earl Hempston.

9.       Mary Etta (Mary Elta) Henrie, b. 1910s, Clawson [bapt. 1920s]; m. Charles R. Miller.

10.       Baby Henrie, b. 1910s, Clawson, d. same day.


      SAMUEL SENOR HENRIE, 10th child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 4 Dec. 1870, Millville, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 18 Feb. 1879]; m. 12 Apr. 1899, Anne May Hulse, dau. of Hyrum Smith & Anne Darte (Anzinia) Hyorth Hulse. She was b. 2 Nov. 1376, Fairview, Sanpete Co. [end. 11 May 1893, not H.] She m. (2) Thomas F. Garr; m. (3) Niels H. Monson. Samuel and Anne May had 2 children:

1.       Annie Mildred Henrie, b. 25 Nov. 1899; m. Carl Joseph Anderson.

2.       Susie Leone Henrie, b. 15 Aug. 1904, Millville [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1920s, Salt Lake City, to John O. Anderson, s. of Ole & Hanna (Jacobson) Anderson. He was b. 24 June 1897, Efverod, Chrst, Sweden [bapt. 1902]. [p. 324]

      ANNIE MILDRED HENRIE, eldest child of Samuel Senor & Anne May (Hulse) Henrie, was b. 25 Nov. 1899, Millville, Utah [bapt. 25 Nov. 1907, end. & H. 1950s]; m. 1910s, Salt Lake City, to Carl Joseph Anderson, s. of Carl Peter & Maria (Erickson) Anderson. He was b. 10 Dec. 1893, in Clarkston, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 17 Dec. 1901, end. 1950s], d. 1940s, Preston, Franklin Co., Idaho, bur. 5 May at Clarkston. They had 8 children:

1.       Shirley Mae Anderson, b. 1920s, Logan, Utah [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1940s]; m. 1940s, Idaho Falls., Idaho, to Warren Willard Rasmussen, b. 1920s, Clarkston, Cache Co., Utah, s. of Lars Joseph & Kate (Dahle) Rasmussen. [He was bapt. 1920s, end. 1940s]. Shirley and Warren graduated from North Cache High School at Richmond, Utah. He graduated from Utah State Agricultural College in 1948 with a B.S. degree in agriculture, and in 1953 graduated with a M.S. degree in agronomy. He is now assistant professor of agronomy at Kansas State College, and supt. of the Irrigation Experiment Farm at Concordia, Kansas. He served in World War II with the Counter Intelligence Corps, stationed in the Asiatic Pacific Theater, as a special agent. He and Shirley are associated with the L.D.S. Church, Salina Branch, Salina, Kansas. They had 2 children, b. in Logan, Utah:

(1)       Judith Ann Rasmussen, b. 1940s [bapt. 1950s, P. 1940s].

(2)       Joseph Warren Rasmussen, b. 1950s.

2.       Carl Henry Anderson, b. 1920s, Clarkston, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. (1) 16 Sept. 1949, Newton, Cache Co., Utah, to Gloria Beth Haws, dau. of Hugh Arlington & Leona (Wennergren) Haws. She was b. 1920s, Logan, Utah [bapt. 1934]. They were divorced Jan. 1953; no children. Carl m. (2) Ruth Hall.

3.       Lois Marie Anderson, b. 1920s, Clarkston [bapt. 1930s].

4.       Jean Louise Anderson, b. 1920s, Trenton, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1940s], m. 1940s, Logan (L.D.S. Temple), to Jay Hutchinson Hulse, s. of Clarence LaVon & Evelyn Willis (Hutchinson) Hulse. He was b. 1920s, Preston, Franklin Co., Idaho [bapt 1930s, end. 1940s]. They had 4 children:

(1)       Daird J. Hulse, b. 1940s, Twin Falls, Idaho.

(2)       Joseph LaVon Hulse, b. 1940s, Twin Falls.

(3)       Kathleen Louise Hulse, b. 1950s, Twin Falls.

(4)       Robert Kenneth Hulse, b. 1950s, Oxnard, Los Angeles Co., Calif.

5.       Vern Joseph Anderson, b. 1930s, Trenton [bapt. 1940s]. [p. 325]

6.       Don Hyrum Anderson, 6th child of Carl Joseph & Annie Mildred (Henrie) Anderson, was b. 1930s, Logan, Utah [bapt. 1940s]; m. 1950s, Soda Springs, Idaho, to Janice Lavern Orvin, dau. of Benjamin Ferril & Eunice Vern (Lamborn) Orvin. She was b. 1930s, Soda Springs.

7.       Jack Lee Anderson, b. 1930s, Clarkston, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

8.       Mildred Ann Anderson, b. 1930s, Preston, Idaho [bapt. 1940s].


      FLORENCE ELLA HENRIE, 11th child of Joseph & Susan (Duncan) Henrie, was b. 19 May 1873, Millville, Utah [bapt. 12 Sept. 1881, end. & H. 19 Feb. 1899]; m. 19 Feb, 1899, Logan (L.D.S. Temple), to William Anderson. He was b. 27 Jan. 1869, Logan, Utah [bapt. 4 Feb 1896, end. 5 Feb. 1896]. Florence d. 19 July or Sept. 1903, Logan, Utah, and bur. there. They had 2 children:

1.       Rennis Louise Anderson, b. 21 Nov. 1900, Petersboro, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 24 Nov 1908, end. & H. 1920s]; m. 1920s, in Logan (L.D.S. Temple), to Alma P. Larkin, s. of Joseph J. & Agnes Eliza (Robbins) Larkin. He was b. 17 Oct. 1905, Snowville, Box Elder Co., Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]. They had 4 children:

(1)       Florence Agnes Larkin, b. 1920s, Snowville, Utah [bapt 1930s].

(2)       Joseph William Larkin, b. 1920s, Snowville [bapt. 1930s].

Was 1943, changed to 1933.
      (3)       Melba LaNez Larkin, b. 1930s, Tremonton, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(4)       Phyllis Louise Larkin, b. 1930s, Tremonton [bapt. 1940s].

2.       William Lee Anderson, b. 14 Mar. 1902, Petersboro, Cache Co., Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, Logan (L.D.S. Temple) to Jean Pickett, dau. of George Mathew & Annie Mariah (Reading) Pickett. She was b. 2 Sept. 1907, Providence, Cache Co., Utah [bapt.; end. & H. 1920s]. They had 7 children:

(1)       Rowayne Pickett Anderson, b. 1930s, Howell, Box Elder Co., Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s].

(2)       Ferron Lee Anderson, b. 1930s, Howell [bapt. 1930s]. [p. 326]

(3)       Spencer Kent Anderson, 3rd child of William Lee & Jean (Pickett) Anderson, was b. 1930s, Howell, Utah, d. 1930s.

(4)       Jay Clair Anderson, b. 1930s, Tremonton, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

November only has 30 days, so ?
      (5)       Jeanine Anderson, b. 1930s, Brigham City, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(6)       Linda Anderson, b. 1940s, Tremonton, Utah [bapt. 1950s].

(7)       Harlow Anderson, b. 1940s, Tremonton.


      ELIZABETH ANN HENRIE, eldest child of Joseph & Susannah (Lasley) Henrie was b. 2-3 Nov. 1859, Bountiful, Utah [bapt. 7 Feb. 1868-9, end. & H. 1878-9]; m. 29 Dec. 1876, Logan, Utah, to James Ira May, s. of James & Marth (Allen) May. He was b. 29 Nov. 1857, Bountiful [bapt. abt. 1869, end. Mar. 18787, d. 1930s, Honeyville, Utah, and bur. 2 Apr. at Calls Fort, Utah. Elizabeth d. 1940s, Roy, Utah, and bur. 15 Jan. at Calls Fort. They had 4 children:

1.       James Henrie May, b. 6 Feb. 1881, Rockland, Power Co., Idaho [bapt. 18 Aug. 1889]; m. 24 Feb. 1904, Bates, Teton Co., Idaho, to Hadden Maria Wood, dau. of Samuel Leigh & Mary Ann (Cockerill) Wood. She was b. 3 May 1885, Elba, Cassia Co., Idaho [bapt. May 1894, end. 1930s]. They had 8 children:

(1)       Clifton Henrie May, b. 10 Mar. 1905, Grovont, Lincoln Co. Wyo. [bapt. 1910s, end. 12 Se pt. 1923]; m. Fay Tempest.

(2)       Leland Wood May, b. 21 Nov. 1906, Bates, Teton Co., Idaho [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; m. Lola Marie Lumbeck.

(3)       Murland Leigh May, b. 10 July 1909, Grovont [bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s]; m. Thora Odetta Mower.

(4)       Lester Ira May, b. 1910s, Bates [bapt. 1920s, end. 1930s]; m. Melba Lucile Moulton.

(5)       Veda Lucy May, b. 1910s, Grovont [bapt. 1920s-23, end. 1930s]; m. Clark Alma Moulton.

(6)       Wayne C. May, b. 1910s, Grovont [bapt. 1920s].

(7)       Mary Ada May, b. 1910s, Grovont [bapt. 1920s]

(8)       Arva Lucile May, b. 1920s, Grovont [bapt. 1930s]. [p. 327]

2.       Archeantus (Archiantius) May, 2nd child of James Ira & Elizabeth Ann (Henrie) May, was b. 3 Dec. 1884, Rockland, Idaho, d. 16 Sept. 1885.

3.       Ira Allen May, b. 18 Mar. 1892, Rockland [bapt 6 May 1905]; m. 1910s, Brigham City, Utah, to Adella Lerline (Laurline) Walters, She was b. 14 Feb. 1886. They had 7 children:

(1)       Ira Lavor May, b. 1910s, Jackson, Teton Co., Wyo.

(2)       Clifford Walters May, b. 1910s, Colliston, Box Elder Co., Utah.

(3)       Joseph Warren May, b. 1910s, Kelly, Wyo. [bapt. 1920s].

(4)       Earl Francis May, b, 1910s, Honeyville, Box Elder Co., Utah [bapt. 1920s].

(5)       James Devon May, b. 1920s, Honeyville.

(6)       Billy Dean May, b. 1920s, Fishtail, Mont.

(7)       Norris Ralph May, b. 1920s, Columbus, Mont.

Was Uintah in the book.
      4.       Joseph Andrew May, b. 20 Apr. 1897, Jackson, Teton Co., Wyo. [bapt. 6 May 1905]; m. 1916, to Chloe Ina Crandall. They had 6 children:

(1)       Joseph Lynn May, b. 1910s, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1920s].

(2)       Gladys Lerrain May, b. 1910s, Kelly, Wyo. [bapt. 1927].

(3)       James Max May, b. 1920s, Honeyville, Utah [bapt. 1920s].

(4)       Dell Franklin May, b. 1920s, Jackson.

(5)       Norma Beryl May, b. 1920s, Jackson.

(6)       Ina Jean May, b. 1920s.


      MARTIN WELTON HENRIE, 5th child of Joseph & Susannah (Lasley) Henrie, was b. 8 Sept. 1867, Millville, Cache Co., Utah, d. 1940s, Jackson. Wyo., and bur. there. He m. 6 Nov. 1898, Rockland, Idaho, to Ruby Stredder, dau. of John Smith & Emma (Tyson) Stredder. She was b. 26 Apr. 1880, Meadow Creek, Utah [bapt. 1920s]. They had 9 children:

1.       Susanna Emma Henrie, b. 23 Sept. 1899, Grovont, Wyo.; m. Arthur Blair. [p. 328]

2.       Martin Vyrl Henrie, 2nd child of Martin Welton & Ruby (Stredder) Henrie, was b, 25 Feb. 1901, Grovont, Wyo., d. 1930s. [He was bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s.]

3.       William Lyle Henrie, b. 27 Oct. 1903, Grovont [bapt. 1910s]; m 1920s, Jackson, Wyo., to Pearl Ermal (Emma Pearl) Wilson, dau. Of Charles & Naomi (Davis) Wilson. She was b. 22 Apr. 1903, South Park, Wyo [bapt. 1910s].

4.       Florence Cecil Henrie, b. 23 Apr. 1905, Grovont [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1920s, Driggs, Idaho, to Harry Eugene Cole, s. of A. Bliss Cole. He was b. 30 Jan. 1896, Hastings, Neb. They had 2 children:

(1)       Martin Eugene Cole, b. 1920s, Oakland, Calif.

(2)       Hattie Cole, b. 1920s, Jackson, Wyo.

5.       Fredric Clarence Henrie, twin to Florence Cecil, was b. 23 Apr. 1905, Grovont, Wyo. [bapt. 1910s]; m. (1) 3 Sept. 1925, Jackson, Wyo., to Greba Emma Giles, dau. of Frank & Emma (Johnson) Giles. She was b. 1910s, Victor, Idaho [bapt. 1920s]; she was m. (1) to a Mr. Bowen; she d. but no date given. Fredric m. (2) 4 Sept. 1933, Pine Dale, Wyo., Alice Olive Hanks, dau. of Thomas Morgan & Mary Rebecca (Oliver) Hanks. She was b. 1910s, Rock Springs, Wyo. Fredric and Greba had 3 children:

(1)       Fredrick Clarence Henrie Jr., b. 1920s, Jackson, Wyo; m. Elaine Johnson.

(2)       Ella Greeba Henrie, b. 1920s, Jackson; m. Marvin Morgan.

(3)       Deaune Henrie, b. 1930s, Jackson.

            Fredric Clarence Henrie Sr. & Alice Olive Hanks had 5 children:

(4)       Warren Thomas Henrie, b. 1930s, Winton, Sweetwater Co., Wyo. [bapt. 1940s].

(5)       Alice Lavern Henrie, b. 1930s, Winton [bapt. 1940s].

(6)       Lyla Verle Henrie, b. 1930s, Winton.

(7)       Betty Jane Henrie, b. 1940s, Jackson, Wyo.

(8)       Sarah Ann Henrie, b. 1940s, Jackson.

6.       Howard Eaton Henrie, b. 10 Feb. 1909, Grovont, Wyo. [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1930s, Jackson, Mont., to Ruby Grace Neidt, b. 1910s, Jackson, Mont. They had 4 children, b. in Jackson,Wyo.:

(1)       Ruby Rosa Henrie, b. 1930s.

(2)       Helen Marie Henrie, b. 1930s. [p. 329]

(3)       Marty Ann Henrie, 3rd child of Howard Eaton & Ruby Grace (Neidt) Henrie, b. 1930s, Jackson, Wyo.

(4)       Cleona Vyrl Henrie, b. 1940s, Jackson.

7.       Dora May Henrie, 7th child of Martin Welton & Ruby (Stredder) Henrie was b. 1910s, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1930s, Jackson, to Dallas Everett Conniff, b. 6 Dec. 1907, Brandon, Buchanan Co., Iowa. They had 2 children, b. Jackson, Wyo.:

(1)       Rose Dalleen Conniff, b. 1930s.

(2)       Gervase Welton Conniff, b. 1930s.

8.       Elva Ruby Henrie, b. 1910s-15, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1930s, Jackson, to James Harvy Driskell, s. of Charles Alexander & Mary Elizabeth (Meeks) Driskell. He was b. 18 June 1905, Green River, Utah. They had 2 children, b. in Jackson.

(1)       Donna Dee Driskell, b. 1930s.

(2)       Dorothy May Driskell, b. 1940s.

9.       Edna Rose Henrie, b. 1910s, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1930s Jackson, to Enoch Paul Madson, s. of Enoch Martinis & Eliza (Heward) Madson. He was b. 25 Aug. 1905, Malad, Idaho [bapt. 1910s]. They had 6 children, all b. in Jackson, Wyo.:

(1)       Edna Pauline Madson, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Edward Martin Madson, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Doris Jeanne Madson, b. 1930s.

(4)       Teddy Rafael Madson, b. 1940s.

(5)       Henrie Heward Madson, b. 1940s.

(6)       Melvin Lee Madson, b. 1940s.

      SUSANNA EMMA HENRIE, eldest child of Martin Welton & Ruby (Stredder) Henrie, was b. 23 Dec. 1899, Grovont, Wyo. [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s]; m. 1910s, Driggs, Idaho, to Arthur Blair, s. of Edward Fenwick & Effie Jane (Eynon) Blair. He was b. 20 Dec. 1895, Victor, Teton Co., Idaho [bapt. 14 June 1906, end. 1920s]. They had 7 children:

1.       Ruby Effie Blair, b. 1910s, Jackson, Teton Co., Wyo. [bapt. 1920s, P. 1920s]; m. 1930s, Driggs, Teton Co., Idaho, to Orey Ellsworth Howell, s. of Orey Willis & Jessie Pearl (Fletcher) Howell. He was b. 1910s. [p. 330]

            Orey Ellsworth & Ruby Effie (Blair) Howell had 2 children, b. in Jackson, Teton Co., Wyo.:

(1)       Billie Fae Howell, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Melvin Stanley Howell, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

2.       Arthur Lyman Blair, 2nd child of Arthur & Susanna Emma (Henrie) Blair was b. 1920s, Blue Creek, Box Elder Co., Utah, d. 1920s [S. to P. 1920s].

3.       Glenna Marie Blair, b. 1920s, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1930s, P. 1920s]; m. 1940s, Las Vegas, Nev., to Jack Raymond Reynolds. He was b. 1910s, Cincinnati, Ohio. They had 3 children, all b. in Los Angeles, Calif.:

(1)       Raymond Lee Reynolds, b. 1940s, d. 1940s.

(2)       Robert Dee Reynolds, b. 1940s.

(3)       Glen Marion Reynolds, b. 1940s.

4.       Norma Blair, b. 1920s, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1930s, P. 1920s]; m. 1940s, Fullerton, Calif., to John McLarty Williams, s. of Francis Asbury & Hattie Sue (Smith) Williams. He was b. 1920s, Jackson. They had 2 children, b. in Ventura, Calif.:

(1)       Sharon Rae Williams, b. 1940s.

(2)       Connie Ann Williams, b. 1940s.

5.       Artie LaVel Blair, b. 1930s, Jackson, Wyo. [bapt. 1930s]

6.       Loren Henrie Blair, b. 1930s, Los Angeles, Calif,

7.       Dennis LaMoyne Blair, b. 31 Dec. l941, South Gate, Calif.


      EDITH MIRIAM HENRIE, 10th child of Joseph & Susannah (Lasley) Henrie, was b. 29 May 1877, Millville, Utah [bapt. 20 June 1886]; m. 15 Feb. 1900, Logan (L.D.S. Temple) to William Walter Howard Jr., s. of William Walter & Mary Eliza (Dewey) Howard. He was b. 2 July 1873, Deweyville, Utah [bapt. 2 July 1881, end. 1887 ?]. They had 7 children:

1.       Joseph Myrle Howard, b. 15 Nov. 1900, Rockland, Power Co., Idaho [bapt. 15 Nov. 1908]; m. 1920s-29, to Virginia Robinson.

2.       Freda Howard, b. 27 Nov. 1902, Rockland [bapt. 1910s]; m. William B. Collins. [p. 331]

3.       Alys Howard, 3rd child of William Walter & Edith Miriam (Henrie) Howard, was b. 9 Apr. 1904, Rockland [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1920s, American Falls, Idaho, to Ewart Permenio Anderson, s. of Andrew Smith & Emily Cordelia (Poole) Anderson. He was b. 21 Mar. 1897, Frisco, Utah. They had 2 children:

(1)       Ewart Permenio Anderson Jr., b. 1920s, American Falls, Power Co., Idaho.

(2)       Howard Poole Anderson, b. 1930s, Shoshone, Lincoln Co., Idaho.

4.       Edward LeMoyne Howard, b. 11 Apr. 1909, Rockland [bapt. 1910s-19]; m. 1930s, Pocatello, Idaho, to Myrtle Hansine Sorensen, dau. of Hans Sorensen. She was b. 20 Aug. 1908. They had 3 children:

(1)       Patricia Jean Howard, b. 1930s, Wendell, Lincoln Co., Idaho.

(2)       Sandra Ann Howard, b. 1930s, Twin Falls, Twin Falls Co., Idaho.

(3)       Barbara Jean Howard, b. 1930s, Sacramento, Calif.

5.       Leslie H. Howard, b. 1910s, Rockland, d. 1910s.

6.       Miriam Howard, b. 1910s, Rockland [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1930s, to James R. Collings.

7.       Warren Wendell Howard, b. 1910s, American Falls, Idaho [bapt. 1920s]; m. Jaquilin McGrath. [p. 332]