Chapter III
Daniel Henrie

      DANIEL HENRIE, eldest child of William & Myra (Mayall) Henrie, was b. 15 Nov. 1825, in Hamilton Co., Ohio [bapt. 15 July 1842-1848. He was probably rebapt. at the later date as that was frequently done in those times; end. 1-7 July 1852]. He d. 1910s, in Manti, Utah, and bur. there 1 July.

      Daniel m. (1) 29 Oct. 1849, Salt Lake City, Utah, to Amanda Bradley, dau of Thomas Jefferson & Elizabeth (Kroll) Bradley. (Elizabeth Kroll was the dau. of Jacob Kroll; the maiden name of her mother has not been found.) Amanda was b. 15 Jan. 1829, at Clarence, Erie Co., N.Y. [bapt. Feb. 1845, end. & H. 1-7 July 1852]. She d. 7 Mar. 1903, in Manti, and was bur. there abt. 9 Mar. (Amanda’s picture appears on p. 12; Daniel’s is on p. 11.)

      Daniel m. (2) 17 June 1856, in Salt Lake City, Susan Coleman, dau. of Ellis & Elizabeth Coleman. She was b. 4 Aug. 1839, Niagara, N.Y. [bapt. 1849, end. 26 Oct. 1888, H. date indefinite]. She d. 1910s, Manti, and was bur. there. (See Susan’s picture, p. 12.)

      Information for the following sketch of Daniel Henrie was contributed by Marietta LeaMaster.

      Daniel Henrie, a farmer and miller in his native state of Ohio, lived with his parents until he was 17 years of age. In the year 1841 the family embraced Mormonism and soon after moved from Ohio to Nauvoo, Ill., where the Saints were located. Daniel had not been converted to the teachings of Mormonism so remained in Ohio. A year later he joined his parents in Ill. After listening to the Prophet Joseph Smith speak on several occasions, he became interested and a short time later was baptized in the Mississippi River.

      After the martyrdom of the Prophet Joseph, Daniel witnessed a remarkable incident which strengthened his faith in the Gospel. While the members were struggling to hold the church membership together in unity, Brigham Young, who was the senior member of the Apostles, arose to speak to an assembly of the church. During his address he suddenly appeared to look like the Prophet and his voice sounded like Joseph’s, and many in the audience bore testimony that they thought it was the Prophet speaking. This incident was referred to as the “Mantle of Joseph falling upon Brigham Young.” The Saints accepted it as a sign from God that Brigham was to be the leader of the church.

      Mob persecutions increased until their treatment became unbearable, and speedy preparations were made to leave Nauvoo and go West where they could worship according to the teachings of their leaders. [p. 14]

      Soon after they arrived at Council Bluffs the government asked for 500 volunteers to fight in the war with Mexico. Daniel Henrie was one of the number of the now famous “Mormon Battalion” of 1846, in Company D under Capt. Nelson Higgins.

      Daniel and the other soldiers began their long journey on foot, and after eleven days arrived at Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where they were allowed a short rest. Their next stop was to be Santa Fe, New Mexico, and the trip entailed many hardships and much sickness. On Aug. 23 Col. Allen died, leaving them to pursue their journey without his help and encouragement.

      They arrived at Red River Oct. 2, where word was received that if they did not reach Santa Fe by Oct. 10 they would be discharged. Many of the men were so weary, foot sore, and disabled that a picked number of 250 men were chosen from the company and sent ahead. Daniel was one of the men able to reach Santa Fe by Oct. 10 and to receive his army pay. From there Col. P. St. George Cook assumed command.

      While in New Mexico it was next to impossible to get provisions, and the soldiers were driven to the extreme of eating their draft animals which had died en route, and at one time they had to boil old rawhide to make soup.

      They reached the summit of the Rockies Nov. 28. While pushing on to the San Pedro River they encountered a herd of buffalo. A number of them were killed, which helped materially for food. During the march through Arizona they suffered untold privations, one time going without water through seventy miles of desert country.

      One incident Daniel never forgot was being detailed to go back and bring an old white draft ox to camp. It had become too weak to travel and had fallen by the wayside. Daniel carried water in his canteen from a creek some distance away and poured it into his hat for the ox to drink. He pulled bunch grass and fed it to him until he gained strength to resume travel. This place has since been called White Ox Creek and is now a thriving section of Arizona.

      At Pima the Maricopa Indians proved friendly and sold them squash, beans, and other articles of food and clothing. On 8 Jan. 1847 they reached the Gila River and for the next three days they traveled over the hot lands, encountering deep sand, drouth, and extreme temperatures. These conditions, coupled with short rations, caused the men to drop in their tracks. This country is now known as Death Valley.

      On Jan. 21 the summit of the Sierra Nevada Mts. was reached and Jan. 29 found the company at San Diego, Calif. They were discharged from service 16 July 1847, at Los Angeles, Calif.

      Daniel, with some of his companions, worked his way to Sacramento, Calif., and he remained there during the Gold Rush, helping to build cabins and taking a hand at hunting for the precious metal. Here he served also as butcher.

      In 1849 he came to Utah. He could have stayed in California and become rich mining during the Gold Rush, but he was eager to get to Salt Lake and join the other Saints and live [p. 15] where he could live his religion like he wanted to. His family settled at Bountiful, Utah. were Daniel resumed the business of milling in connection with his father and also tilling the soil. In October 1849 he was married to Amanda Bradley by President Brigham Young.

      In December 1849 he volunteered to take a load of provisions to the settlers located at Manti, Utah. With his wife, her brother Jerome Bradley, and four other men they, began the journey. They were delayed a week at Provo because of hostile Indians. Finally they were permitted to go on their way with two friendly Indians, Tabinau and Ankawabits, as guide. They made their way to the narrows of Salt Creek Canyon, where they encountered heavy snows and were delayed for nearly three months. They lived on cornbread and the game they were able to fund.

      It seems that other Indians had joined their ranks, and one night they held council whether or not to kill the whites and go on their way, but some of the Indians were unwilling to do this because Daniel had been their friend many times. Afterward, when peace was declared between the two peoples, a chief told Daniel about this incident.

      Tabinau and Mr. Dodge finally made their way through the canyon, on the crusted snow, and arrived at Manti. A rescue squad was sent to aid the marooned party. As Amanda was the only woman, she was drawn forty miles on a hand sled by her father and husband. Jerome Bradley had charge of the teams and wagon and did not reach Manti until March 1850.

      Daniel and Amanda were soon afterward called by Brigham Young to help colonize Manti. He served in the Black Hawk war, was sheriff of Sanpete County one year, city treasurer three years, senior president of the 48th Quorum of Seventies for nearly 40 years. He aided materially in the building of the Manti Temple and Tabernacle.

      He gave staunch support to missionary work and other projects for the betterment of his home town, county, and state. He stood steadfast for truth and honesty, was firm in his convictions, never complained of the trials and privations of pioneer life, provided for his 26 children and lived to the ripe old age of 90 years, loved and respected by his family, community, and friends.

      Daniel Henrie and his first wife, Amanda Bradley, had 14 children:

1.       Mary Amanda Henrie, b. 4 Sept. 1850, Bountiful, Utah; m. Ezra Knight Funk. (See Chapter IV, p. 28.)

2.       Myra Elizabeth Henrie, b. 27-28 Jan. 1852, Manti, Utah; m. John Olson. (See Chapter V, p. 57.)

3.       Susan Lucretia Henrie, b. 17-29 Apr. 1853, Manti; m. George Byron Cox. (See p. 17.)

4.       Daniel Henrie Jr., b. 29 Dec. 1854, Manti; m. Elzina Stringham. (See Chapter VI, p. 76.)

5.       Diantha Henrie, b. 4 Nov. 1856, Manti; m. William Stringham. (See p. 19.) [p. 16]

6.       James Henrie, b. 25-27 Jan. 1858, Manti, son of Daniel & Amanda (Bradley) Henrie; m. (1) Hannah Snow; m (2) Caroline Westenskow. (See Chapter VII, p. 96.)

7.       Jerome Bradley Henrie, b. 25 Nov. 1859-60, Manti; m. (1) Mary C. Westenskow; m. (2) Thea Annie Lund. (See Chapter VIII, p. 102.)

8.       William Henrie, b. 11-12 Oct. 1861; m. Hannah Westenskow. (See Chapter IX, p. 111.)

9.       Malinda Euphema Henrie, b. 17 Nov. 1864, Manti; m. William Killpack. (See p. 20.)

10.       Margaret Estella Henrie, b. 23 Dec. 1866, Manti; m. Alma Johnson. (See Chapter X, p. 132.)

11.       Luna Abiath Henrie, b. 13 Sept. 1869, Manti; m. Otto Ottoson. (See p. 21.)

12.       Thomas Jefferson Henrie, b. 29 Nov. 1871, Manti, d. 6 Jan. 1892.

13.       Jeddiah Grant Henrie, b. 30 Nov. 1873, Manti, d. 9 Feb. 1874.

14.       Loren Henrie, still born 29 Nov, 1876.

Daniel Henrie and his second wife Susan Coleman had 12 children, all b. Manti:

1.       Joseph Thadeus Henrie, b. 3 Apr. 1858; m. Myrtle or Mary Sorensen. (See p. 22.)

2.       Margaret F. Henrie, b. 4 Jan. 1860, d. 9 Feb. 1860.

3.       Rachel Henrie, b. 6 Feb. 1861; m. Charles Patton.

4.       Arthur Henrie, b. 6 June 1863; m. Mary Jorgensen (See p. 23.)

5.       Samuel Henrie, b. 23 Feb. 1866; m. Hannah E. Boyington. (See p. 24.)

6.       Elizabeth Henrie, b. 10 Dec. 1868 [bapt. 1876, end. 3 Jan. 1889], d. 3 Jan. 1890, Manti. She m. Edward E. Reid, s. of William Reid. He was b. 18 Sept. 1867, Spring Lake, Utah, d. 1950s, Ephraim, Utah, and bur. 26 Feb.

7.       Nora or Lenora Henrie, b. 25 Apr. 1871, d. 24 Nov. 1872.

8.       Cora Dell Henrie, b. 16 Feb. 1874; m. John Franklin Maylett. (See p. 25.)

9.       Maud Henrie, b. 2 Mar. 1876, d. 28 Aug. 1876.

10.       Ethel Henrie, b. 24 Apr. 1878, twin, d. 14 May 1879-80.

11.       Ellis Henrie, b. 24 Apr. 1878, twin; m. Ethel Armstrong, (See p. 27.)

12.       Myra Henrie, b. 10 Mar. 1881, d. 27 Mar. 1881. [p. 17]


      SUSAN LUCRETIA HENRIE, 3rd child of Daniel & Amanda (Bradley) Henrie, was b. 17-29 Apr. 1853, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1865, end. & H. 8 Jan. 1872], d. 1920s, in Manti, and was bur. there June 16. On 8 Jan. 1872, in the Old Endowment House, Salt Lake City (see p. 61) she m. George Byron Cox, s. of Fredrick Walter & Jemima (Lossee) Cox. He was b. 17 Nov. 1849, in Potawatomi Co., Iowa [bapt. 1857, end. 8 Jan. 1872]. They had 4 children, all b. in Manti, Utah:

1.       George Byron Cox Jr., b. 27 Jan. 1873; m. (1) Elvena Racine Hougaard; m. (2) Charlotte Antoinette Madsen.

2.       William Mc. Cox, b. 23 July 1878; m. Luella Marie Madsen.

3.       Susan Sarah Cox, b. 1 Dec. 1882, d. 13 July 1083.

4.       Daniel Cox, b. 3 Mar. 1886, d. 14 Mar. 1886.

      GEORGE BYRON COX JR., eldest child of George Byron & Susan Lucretia (Henrie) Cox, b. 27 Jan. 1873, Manti, Utah [bapt. Jan. 1881, end. 13 Feb. 1895]; m. (1) 19 Oct. 1898, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Elvena Racine Hougaard, dau. of Louis H. & Geraldine (Hansen) Hougaard. She was b. 2 Jan. 1874, Manti [bapt. 1882, end. & H. 19 Oct. 1898]; she d. 10 Nov. 1906, Manti, and bur. there Nov. 13. They had 3 children, all b. in Manti:

1.       Byron G. Cox, b. 14 Aug. 1900 [bapt. 25 Aug. 1908, end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, in Manti (L.D.S. Temple), Elizabeth Rencher. She was b. 21 Dec. 1901, Eagar, Apache Co., Ariz. [end. & H. 1920s]. No children.

2.       Carrol H. Cox, b. 29 Oct. 1902, d. 29 May 1909.

3.       Elveda Cox, b. 11 Feb. 1905 [bapt. 1910s]; m. George Byron Cox Jr. m. (2) Charlotte Antoinette Madsen, dau. of Peter H. & Karen Maria (Hansen) Madsen [bapt. 3 Sept. 1885, end.]. She was b. 15 Sept. 1876, Manti, Utah, d. 1940s, Grantsville, Tooele Co., Utah, bur. Nov. 13, Manti. They had 2 children, both b. in Manti:

4.       Ruth Cox, b. 1910s [bapt. 1910s].

5.       Ray P. Cox, b. 1910s [bapt. 1920s].

      WILLIAM Mc. COX, 2nd child of George Byron & Susan Lucretia (Henrie) Cox, was b. 23 July 1878, Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah [bapt. 5 May 1887, end. 4 Feb. 1904]; d. 1940s, Manti, and bur. there. He m. 26 Sept. 1906, in Manti, to Luella Marie Madsen, dau. of Peter Hmming & Karen Marie (Hansen) Madsen. [p. 18] Luella Marie Madsen was b. 16 Oct. 1878, Manti [bapt. 2 June 1887, end. 12 Sept. 1906 & H. 26 Sept. 1906]. They had 5 children, all b. in Manti:

1.       Chloe Cox, b. 22 Mar. 1908 [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1920s]; m. 1920s, to Duncan Buchanan, s. of Raymond & Annie M. (Nielson) Buchanan. He was b. 11 July 1904, in Manti [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]. Chloe was educated in the Manti schools; she has been president of Relief Society and active in other Church affairs. They had 4 children, all b. in Manti:

(1)       Earla Buchanan, b. 1920s [bapt. 21 July abt. 1934, end. 1940s & H .]; m. Lloyd LaRoy Lund, s. of LeRoy & Marie (Thompson) Lund. He was b. 1920s, in Ephraim, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]. They had 4 children, all b. in Salt Lake City, Utah:

a.       Philip Lloyd Lund, b. 1940s.

b.       Jean E. Lund, b. 1940s.

c.       Leali Dian Lund, b. 1950s. d. Ronald Lund, b. 1950s.

(2)       Carol May Buchanan, b. 1930s [bapt. 1930s].

(3)       Dean Leo Buchanan, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(4)       Morlin D. Buchanan, b. 1940s [bapt. 2 July 19 50].

2.       Grant W. Cox, b. 1910s, Manti [bapt. 1910s, end. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Manti (L D.S. Temple), to Sarah Ludean Hougaard, dau. of Louis Hansen & Sarah Marie (Giles) Hougaard. She was b. 1910s, in Manti [bapt. 1920s, end. & H. 1930s]. Grant graduated from Snow College at Ephraim, Utah; he later studied electrical engineering in Los Angeles and works as an electrician; he also runs a farm and raises turkeys. They had 3 children, all b. in Manti:

(1)       Rodney Giles Cox, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Merrill L. Cox, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(3)       Douglas Grant Cox, b. 1940s [bapt. 1940s].

3.       Leah Cox, b. 1910s [bapt. 1920s, end. 1930s], d. 1930s.

4.       Morlin Elliot Cox, b. 1910s, Manti [bapt. 1920s]; m. 1940s, in Fort Bragg, No. Car., to June Thorpe, dau. of William Edward & Flora (Jones) Thorpe. She was b. 1910s, in Ogden, Utah [bapt. 1920s]. He graduated from Snow College and Utah State Agr. College; spent 7 years in the service; 5 years in World War II; was instructor at Ft. Bragg. He was sent to the Philippines with the rank of Lt.; served 2 years in Korean conflict, 8 months on “Heart Break Ridge”; attained rank of Capt. He now teaches school in Manti High; member of Sunday School Board and teacher of Scouts. Ch.3:

(1)       Paul Morlin Cox, b. 1940s, Salina, Utah.

(2)       Kathryn June Cox, b. 1940s, Logan, Utah.

(3)       Debora Ann Cox, b. 1950s, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.

5.       Vivian Cox, b. 1920s, Manti [bapt. 1930s, end. & H. 1940s]; m. 1940s Salt Lake City, to Leland Fred Stanfield, s. of Fred & Mary (Carter) Stanfield. He was b. 26 Mar. 1905, in Mt. Pleasant, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1940s] . 1 child:

(1)       David lee Stanfield, b. 1940s, Mt. Pleasant, Utah [ P. 1940s]. [p. 19]


      DIANTHA HENRIE, 5th child of Daniel & Amanda (Bradley) Henrie, was b. 4 Nov. 1856, Manti, Utah [Bapt. 1864, end. 29 June 1874, H. 1920s]; m. 17 Jan. 1875 to William Stringham, s. of William & Eliza (Lake) Stringham; He was b. 11 Apr. 1853, Mendon, Adams Co., Ill. [bapt.; end. 1910s]. He d. 10 Mar. 1908, Ferron, Utah, and bur. there Mar. 13. After the death of William Stringham, Diantha m. (2) Ott Orson Hatch; m. (3) Chris Larsen. Diantha d. 1920s; in Ferron, and bur. there Jan. 31.

William and Diantha had 5 children:

1.       William Truman Stringham, b. 17 Jan. 1880; m. Huldah Livinah Stevens.

2.       Amanda E. Stringham, b. 6 Apr. 1883, Manti, Utah [bapt. 27 July 1890]; m. Elmer Petty.

3.       Malinda Stringham, b. 6 Feb. 1885, Molen, Emery Co., Utah [bapt 16 Sept. 1894]; m. Will Davis.

4.       Jerome Stringham, b. 22 Sept. 1887, Ferron, Utah, d. 27 Mar. 1889 [ P. 1920s].

5.       Howard Stringham, b. 5 May 1890, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 7 Aug. 1898, P. 1920s]; m. Olive Huntsman.

      WILLIAM TRUMAN STRINGHAM, eldest child of William & Diantha (Henrie) Stringham, b. 17 Jan. 1880, Manti, Utah [bapt. 10 June abt. 1888]; m. 7 Dec. 1902, in Castle Dale, Utah, to Huldah Livinah Stevens, dau. of Joseph S. & Abigail M. (King) Stevens. She was b. 20 Apr. 1885, Ferron, Utah. They had 5 children:

1.       Milton Steele Stringham, b. 23 May 1904, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; m. iris Hardy.

2.       Glen Duncan Stringham, b. 27 Jan. 1906, Ferron [bapt. 1910s]; m. Dora Shiner.

3.       Rhea Abigail Stringham, b. 18 Mar. 1908, Ferron [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, in Salt Lake City (L.D.S. Temple), Eugene Anderson, s. of Niels Peter & Rosella Elizabeth (Bryner) Anderson. He was b. 26 June 1904, Price, Utah [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]. They had 3 children:

(1)       LaMayne E. Anderson, b. 1920s, Price, Utah.

(2)       Helene Anderson, b. 1930s, Price.

(3)       Gwen Anderson, b. 1930s, Price. [p. 20]

4.       Crystal Diantha Stringham, 4th child of William Truman & Huldah Livinah (Stevens) Stringham, was b. 1910s, in Ferron, Utah [bapt. 1910s]; m. Frank Migliaccis.

5.       Nina May Stringham, b. 1910s, Rochester, Utah [bapt. July 1924].


      MALINDA EUPHEMA HENRIE, 9th child of Daniel & Amanda (Bradley) Henrie, was b. 17 Nov. 1864, in Manti, Utah [bapt. 7 July 1872, end. & H. 13 May 1886]; d. 1940s, in Ferron, Utah. She m. 13 May 1886, in Manti (L.D.S. Temple), William James Killpack, b. 6 Oct. 1361, in Manti [bapt. 4 June 1869, end. 13 May 1886]. They had 9 children.

1.       Hettie Killpack, b. 4 Jan. 1889, Manti, Utah, d. young.

2.       Henrie Killpack, b. 15 Nov. 1890, Manti, d. young.

3.       Llewellyn Killpack, b. 19 Mar. 1892, Manti [bapt. 5 July 1903]; m. 18 Aug. 1905, Eva Irene Williams.

4.       Amanda Killpack, b. 1894, Ferron, Utah, d. 1894.

5.       Mc. Lloyd Killpack, b. 30 May 1896, Ferron; m. Leah Harmon.

6.       Marlanda Killpack, b. 18 Mar. 1898, Ferron [bapt. 5 July 1908] ; m. Charles Price on 1 June 1921.

7.       Zona Killpack, b. 13 Apr. 1900, Ferron [bapt. 5 July 1908]; m. Reid Loftus.

8.       Mirian Killpack, b. 11 Sept. 1903, Ferron [bapt. 1910s]; m. Owen Dugmore.

9.       Alton Bradley Killpack, b. 29 June 1905; m. Zina Mae Scott. He d. 1930s. [p. 21]

      MC. LLOYD KILLPACK, 5th child of William James & Malinda Euphema (Henrie) Killpack, was b. 30 May 1896, Ferron, Utah [bapt. 7 June 1908, end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, in Manti (L.D.S. Temple), Leah Harmon. She was b. 5 Aug. 1900 [end. & H. 1920s]. They had 4 children:

1.       Barbara Killpack, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]; m. 1940s, Miles Clayton Labrum. He was b. 1910s, Murray, Utah [end. 1940s], s. of George F. & Kathleen (Clayton) Labrum. Barbara & Miles had 1 child:

(1)       Jeffrey Miles Labrum, b. 1950s, Murray, Utah.

2.       Marjorie Killpack, b. 1920s, Manti, Utah.

3.       Beverly Killpack, b. 1920s, Murray, Utah; m. 1950s, Boyd Leachser Jensen, s. of James Leo & Grace Ellen Virginia (Johnson) Jensen. He was b. 1920s, Salt Lake City, Utah [end. Jan. 1949].

4.       Robert Harmon Thereld Killpack, b. 1920s, Murray, Utah [bapt. 1930s, end. Oct. 1949].


      LUNA ABIATH HENRIE, 11th child of Daniel & Amanda (Bradley) Henrie, was b. 13 Sept. 1869, in Manti, Sanpete Co., Utah, d. 1940s, in Manti, and bur. in Manti Cemetery. She spent most of her life in Manti and was the last of the Gold Star Mothers in Manti. She m. 4 Feb. 1891, in Manti, to Otto Ottoson, s. of Yense & Johanna (Sorensen) Ottoson. He was b. 27 July abt. 1870, Goshen, Utah; he d. 1940s, Palisade Ranch just south of Manti, and was bur. in Manti Cemetery. They had 6 children, all b. in Manti:

1.       Caddie Ottoson, b. 18 Nov. 1891, stillborn.

2.       Otto Floyd Ottoson, b. 9 Mar. 1893; m. Arta Larsen.

3.       Dewey Henrie Ottoson, b. 2 Mar. 1898, d. 1910s at Logan, in World War I, while serving in the Reserve Officers Training Corps.

4.       Janice Ottoson, b. 24 Oct. 1903 [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1920s, San Francisco, Calif., Helen Copeland, dau. of James D. & Celestia (Larsen) Copeland. She was b. 8 Dec. 1906, Watsonville, Calif. They had 1 child:

(1)       Janice Ottoson, b. 1930s, Salina, Utah [bapt. 1940s] .

5.       Donald Ottoson, b. 13 Oct. 1908, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1930s, Nephi, Juab Co., Utah, Martha Bernice Ludvigson, dau. of Orson H. & Martha Larana (Anderson) Ludvigson. She was b. 1910s, Gunnison, Utah [bapt. 1920s]. They had 2 children:

(1)       Peggy Ottoson, b. 1930s, Gunnison [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Loraine Ottoson ., b. 1940s, Sterling, Utah [bapt. 1950s]. [p. 22]

6.       Samuel Ottoson, 6th child of Otto & Luna Abiath (Henrie) Ottoson. He served in U.S. Merchant Marines.

      OTTO FLOYD OTTOSON, 2nd child of Otto & Luna Abiath (Henrie) Ottoson, was b. 9 Mar. 1893, Manti, Utah [bapt. 7 Jan. 1902, end. 1910s]; m. 1910s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to Arta Larsen or Larson, dau. of Charles & Minnie (Lowery) Larson. She was b. 7 Feb. 1900, Sterling, Sanpete Co., Utah [bapt. 1908, end. & H. 1910s]. Otto d. 1940s, Salt Lake City, and was bur. Nov. 19 in Marysvale, Piute Co., Utah. They had 4 children:

1.       Avard Ottoson, b. 1910s, Sterling, Utah; m. 1940s, Grand Junction, Colo., to Grace Anderson, dau. of Willard Anderson. They had 1 child:

(1)       Kathy Sue Ottoson, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City, Utah.

2.       Ellis T. Ottoson, b. 1920s, Marysvale, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Las Vegas, Nevada, to Letha Judd, dau of Alonzo Judd. She was b. 1920s, Burley, Idaho. They had 3 children:

(1)       Stephen Ottoson, b. 1940s, Provo, Utah.

(2)       Kenneth Ottoson, b. 1940s, Gunnison, Utah.

(3)       Jill Ottoson, b. 1950s, Gunnison.

3.       Trilma Ottoson, b. 1920s, Marysvale, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Las Vegas, Nev., Walter Kleberg Hughes, s. of Harry & Emilie (Kleberg) Hughes. He was b. 1920s, Galveston, Texas. They had 2 children:

(1)       Alice Shannon Hughes, b. 1940s, Los Angeles, Calif.

(2)       Emilie K. Hughes, b. 1940s, Las Vegas, Nev.

4.       Betty Lou Ottoson, b. 1920s, Marysvale, Utah [bapt. 1930s]; m. 1940s, Salt Lake City, Utah, to Merrill Jacobsen, s. of Ivan & Stella (Johansen) Jacobsen. He was b. 1920s, in Ephraim, Utah. They had 2 children:

(1)       Vickie Ann Jacobsen, b. 1940s, Gunnison, Utah.

(2)       Creeg M. Jacobsen, b. 1950s, Mt. Pleasant, Utah.


      JOSEPH THADEUS HENRIE, eldest child of Daniel & Susan (Coleman) Henrie, was b. 3 Apr. 1858, Manti, Utah [bapt.; end. 17 Mar. 1886]; m. 17 Mar. 1886, Manti, to Mary or Myrtle Christine Sorensen, dau. of Andrew & Christina (Jensen) Sorensen. She was b. 28 July 1862, Manti, d. 28 Feb. 1898, Manti, and. bur. there. [p. 23]

      Joseph Thadeus & Mary or Myrtle Christine (Sorensen) Henrie had 3 children:

1.       Myrtle Elva Henrie, b. 1 Aug. 1887, Manti; m. 5 Oct. 1905-7, Salt Lake City to Julian Dean Larson, s. of Hans & Elsie Christine (Domgaard) Larson. He was b. 15 Feb. 1885-6, Manti, d. 1910s, Talmadge, Duchesne Co., Utah, and bur. there 17 Aug. They had 2 children:

(1)       Lyle Julian Larson, b. 1910s, Vernal, Uintah Co., Utah; m. (1) Veone Nielson; m. (2) Muriel Stoner.

(2)       Lloyd Dean Larson, b. 1910s, Talmadge, Utah.

2.       Harold J. Henrie, b. 21 Apr. 1895, Manti, d. 6 Feb. 1896.

3.       Royal Andrew Henrie, b. 22 Feb. 1898, Manti; m. Lavilla Shoemaker, dau. of Azaiah Orlando & Chelnishcia (Morley) Shoemaker. She was b. 23 May 1899, Cardston, Alberta, Canada. They had 6 children, all b. in Manti: (They were m. 1910s, in Manti.)

(1)       Darrell R. Henrie, b. 1920s; m. Jean.

(2)       Roberta Henrie, b. 1920s; m. Kay Olson.

(3)       Veleita Henrie, b. 1920s; m. Ralph Benzequin.

(4)       Lester Morley Henrie, b. 1920s.

(5)       Boyd Kenton Henrie, b. 1920s; m. Myra Bradley.

(6)       Mary Lucile Henrie.


      ARTHUR HENRIE, 4th child of Daniel & Susan (Coleman) Henrie, was b. 6 June 1863, Manti, Utah [bapt. 1874, end. 20 June 1888], d. 1930s, Richfield, Sevier Co., Utah, and bur. there 3 Mar. He m. 30 Mar. 1892, Manti, to Mary Yorgensen or Jorgensen, b. 17 Sept. 1868, Moroni, Sanpete Co., Utah [end. & prob. H. 20 June 1888]. They had 11 children:

1.       Arthur Y. Henrie, b. 28 July 1893, Manti [bapt. 1901]; m. (1) 5. Mar. 1893, to Blanchard O. Farroll, who d. He m. (2) Marie Smiley.

2.       Hazel Henrie, b. 6 Aug. 1895 [bapt. 1903]; m. Alexander S. Butler.

3.       Elwood Henrie, b. 29 Dec. 1896, Richfield, d. 27 Sept. 1898.

4.       Wilford J. Henrie, b. 7 Apr. 1899, Richfield [bapt. 1907], d. 1950s, Los Angeles, Calif., and bur. Richfield. He m. 1920s, Los Angeles, Calif., to Julia Martha. Evelyn Fondament, dau. of Joseph & Olga (Markowska) Fondament. She was b. 10 Apr. 1900, Chicago, Ill. [p. 24]

5.       Elinor Patricia Henrie, 5th child of Arthur & Mary (Yorgensen-Jorgensen) Henrie, was b. 9 Aug. 1901 [bapt. 1909]; m. 1920s, to Harold Soyka, s. of Anthony Soyka. They had 2 children:

(1)       James H. Soyka, b. 1920s, Richfield, Utah.

(2)       Sidney H. Soyka, b. 1930s.

6.       Ralph E. Henrie, b. 29 Sept. 1903, Richfield [bapt. 1911], d. 1940s, at Venice, Utah, and bur. at Richfield. He m. 1920s, Velta Houston, dau. of Gene & Lydia (Talbot) Houston. She was b. 1-7 Sept. 1906, prob. Panguitch, Utah, d. 1940s in Richfield and bur. there 12 Oct. They had 2 children, b. in Richfield:

(1)       Dorothy Jeanne Henrie, b. Venice, Utah; m. June Wilder.

(2)       Ralph Garth Henrie, b. Venice; m. Barbara Ray Reeves.

7.       Wayne D. Henrie, b. 14 Mar. 1906 [bapt. 1913]; m. 1930s, to Esther Sym, dau. of Hugh & Estalla Sym.

8.       Joseph Carrol Henrie b. 6 Jan. 1908 [bapt. 1916]; m (1) Dorene Batista; prob. m. (2).

9.       Fern Henrie, b. 19 Sept. 1909, d. 1910s.

10.       Leland Charlea Henrie, b. 1910s [bapt. 1919]; m. twice but no data to indicate which woman was the first wife. He m. Virginia Isabelle Winget & had no children. He m. Marie Adeline Cole, dau. Of Walter Charles & Maria J. (Sheck) Cole. Marie was b. 1910s, Downey, Bannock Co., Idaho, d. 1940s, Richfield, and was bur. there 30 Dec. They had 2 children, b. in Richfield.

(1)       Michael Leland Henrie, b. 1930s [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Dan Stephen Henrie, b. 1940s [bapt. 1940s].

11.       Robert Garth Henrie, b. 1910s [bapt. 1921]; m. Mary Goode; he also m. Juanita Parker, dau. of Lynn & Jenny (Roundy) Parker, who d. 1930s.


      SAMUEL HENRIE, 5th child of Daniel & Susan (Coleman) Henrie, was b. 23 Feb. 1866, Manti, Utah [bapt. abt. 1875, end. Feb. 1937]; d. 1930s, Manti. He m. 30 Jan. 1901, Manti, to Hannah Elizabeth Boyington, dau. of Thomas & Hannah Asque (Braithwaite) Boyington. She was b. 29 May 1868, Manti [bapt.; end. 1920s], and d. 1920s, Manti, and bur. there. They had 2 children, b. in Manti:

1.       Jerald Henrie, b. 29 June 1903 [bapt. 1910s, end. 1920s]; m. 1930s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple) to Laura Frances Tucker. [p. 25] Laura Frances Tucker was b. 4 Nov. 1905, Fairview, Sanpete Co., Utah, dau. of George Warren & Keziah Frances (Mower) Tucker [bapt. 1910s, end. & H. 1930s]. Jerald & Laura had 5 children:

(1)       Norma Henrie, b. 1930s, Provo, Utah [bapt. 1942].

(2)       Jeraldeen Henrie, b. 1930s, Manti [bapt. abt. 1944].

(3)       George Ray Henrie, b. 1930s, Manti.

(4)       Merilyn Henrie, b. 1 Apr. 1544, Provo,

(5)       Frances Ann Henrie, b. 1940s, Provo

2.       Elga Henrie, 2nd child of Samuel & Hannah Elizabeth (Boyington) Henrie, was b. 25 Feb. 1903, Manti [bapt. 1910s, H. 1930s]; m. 1930s, Manti L.D.S. Temple), George Calvert Larson or Larsen, s. of Christian & Sarah Fredrick (Soderberg) Larsen. He was b. 15 Oct. 1904, Ephraim, Utah [bapt.; end. 1930s]. They had 4 children:

(1)       Calvert Therald Larsen, b. 1930s, Ephraim, Utah [bapt. 1940s].

(2)       Georgia Elga Larsen, b. 1930s, Ephraim [bapt. Oct. 1944].

(3)       Sarah Lynette Larsen, b. 1940s, Ephraim [bapt. 1950s].

(4)       Kim Larsen, b. 1940s, Salina, Utah [bapt 1950s].


      CORA DELL HENRIE, 8th child of Daniel & Susan (Coleman) Henrie, was b. 16 Feb. 1874, Manti, Utah, d. 1910s, Manti, and bur. there 6 May. She m. 12 Dec. 1894, Manti, to John Franklin Maylett, b. 22 June 1871, Manti, s. of William Francis & Margaret (Wilson) Maylett. Cora Dell and John had 10 children, all b. in Manti:

1.       Vaughn Maylett, b. 14 Oct. 1895.

2.       Loy Maylett, b. 3 Nov. 1896 [bapt.; end. & H. 1910s]; m. 1910s, Manti (L.D.S. Temple), to James P. Mayer, s. of Peter & Annie Catherine (Anderson) Mayer. He was b. 22 June 1891, Fountain Green, Utah [end. 1910s]. They had 6 children:

(1)       Frank J. Mayer, b. 1920s, Fountain Green.

(2)       Juan Peter Mayer, b. 1920s, Fountain Green, d. 1920s. [p. 26]

(3)       Annie Catherine Mayer, dau. of James P. & Loy (Maylett) Mayer, b. 1920s, Gunnison, Utah.

(4)       Verda Mayer, b. 1920s, Gunnison.

(5)       Dorothy Cheristy Mayer, b. 1920s, Manti, Utah.

(6)       Lorna June Mayer, b. 1930s, Manti.

3.       Edwin F. Maylett, 3rd child of John Franklin & Cora Dell (Henrie) Maylett, was b. 2 Mar. 1098, Manti [bapt.; end. 1920s]; m. 1920s, to Katie Daly, dau. of Michael Dennis & Fannie (Harmon) Daly. She was b. 27 dug. 1902, Salt Lake City. They had 3 children:

(1)       Eva Dall Maylett, b. 1920s, Manti.

(2)       Dick Edwin Maylett, b. 1920s, Manti [bapt. 1930s].

(3)       Betty Lue Maylett, b. 1920s, Manti.

4.       Claude Henrie Maylett, b. 9 Jan. 1900 [bapt. 19 May 1908] ; m. 1920s, City & County Bldg., Salt Lake City, to Irla Montesse Rasmussen dau of Charles Homer & Caroline Roena (Peterson) Rasmussen. She was b. 7 June 1907, Ephraim, Utah.

5.       Eva Maylett, b. 30 Sept. 1902, Manti, d.

6.       William Francis Maylett, b. Nov. 1904, Manti, d.

7.       Mable Dell Maylett, b. 7 May 1907 [bapt. 1910s]; m. 1920s, Richfield, Utah, to John Henrie Tuttle Jr. He was b. 21 Apr. 1908, Malad, Idaho They had 2 children:

(1)       Mary Dell Tuttle, b. 1920s, Bingham, Utah.

(2)       Karrolle Tuttle, b. 1930s, Manti, Utah.

8.       Ellis Maylett, b. 1910s [bapt. 1910s]; m. Donna McFarland, dau. of William & Luella Sophia (Mortensen) McFarland. She was b. 1910s, Manti [bapt. 1920s]. They had 1 child:

(1)       William F. Maylett, b. 1940s, Salt Lake City, Utah.

9.       Ethel Maylett, b. 1910s [bapt. ]; m. Raoul J. Spilsbury, s. of Barkley & Elizabeth (James) Spilsbury. He was b. 1910s, in Ogden, Utah [bapt. ]. They had 3 children:

(1)       Paul Roscoe Spilsbury, b. 1940s, Napa, Napa Co., Calif. [bapt. 1950s].

(2)       David Raoul Spilsbury, b. 1940s, Glendale, Calif.

(3)       Chad Spilsbury, b. 1950s, Salt Lake City, Utah.

10.       Dell C. Maylett, b. 1910s, Manti, Utah. [p. 27]


      ELLIS HENRIE, 11th child of Daniel & Susan (Coleman) Henrie, was b. 24 Apr. 1878, Manti, Utah [bapt.]; m. 1910s, Great Falls, Cascade Co., Mont., to Ethel Armstrong, dau. of Obediah & Phebe (Wood) Armstrong. She was b. 6 Apr. 1894, Rigby, Jefferson Co., Idaho. They had 11 children:

1.       Ellis Daniel Henrie, b. 1910s, Cardston, Alberta, Canada, chr. at Taylorville, Alberta, Canada [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]; m. 1940s, in Cardston (L.D.S. Temple), to Louise Walton, dau. of William Davie & Mabel (Crandell) Walton. She was b. 1920s, Raymond, Alberta, Can. [bapt.; end. & H. 1940s]. They had 4 children:

(1)       Sharlene Louise Henrie, b. 1940s, Lethbridge, Canada.

(2)       Douglas Bruce Henrie, b. 1940s, Cardston, Canada.

(3)       Earl Coleman Henrie, b. 1950s, Kimberly, British Columbia, Canada.

(4)       Daniel d. Henrie, b. 1950s, Kelowna, Brit. Col., Can.

2.       Merlin Henrie, b. 1910s, Cardston, Can. [bapt. 1930s, end. 1940s]; m. 1940s, Cardston (L.D.S. Temple), to Marjorie Leona Walton, dau. of William Davie & Mabel (Crandell) Walton. She was b. 1920s, Raymond, Alberta, Can. [bapt.; end. & H. 1940s]. They had 2 children, b. in Cardston:

(1)       Gerald Merlin Henrie, b. 1950s.

(2)       Curtis Ellis Henrie, b. 1950s.

3.       Loy Henrie, b. 1920s, Cardston, Alberta, Can. [bapt. 1930s].

4.       Dale Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s].

5.       Ethel Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. ].

6.       Leah Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. 1930s].

7.       Eula Mary Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt ].

8.       Gaylon Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt. ].

9.       Keith Henrie, b. 1920s [bapt .].

10.       Edwin Henrie, b. 1930s [bapt. ].

11.       Glenn Henrie, b. 1930s, d. 1930s.[p. 28]