Ancestry and Descendants of William Henrie



Manetta (Prince) Henrie


Published 1954
Provo, Utah


To the younger generation
and those
who come after,
this history of the
is dedicated.


      This volume includes data which the author has found and recorded on the ancestry and descendants of William Henrie, the “heir” and progenitor of the Henrie families of Utah. Much time and effort have been expended in the stupendous task of compiling this history.

      It seems to have been the custom of members of the general Henry family, in Scotland and elsewhere, to write the surname as “Henarie,” as Michael, the emigrant ancestor from Scotland, signed his name. Other common ways of spelling the name were “Hendry,” “Henery,” “Henry,” and “Henrie.” In America, there are thirty-two various spellings of the name.

      Host of the later records in this book, genealogical and biographical, were received from members of the family. The data were conscientiously checked and compared with every available source; but it is difficult to write history covering the activities and biographies of different members of any family and not have some part of it conflict with that written by others, no matter how painstakingly the material has been gathered. Family history is interesting, but not always accurate. If there are errors, it is hoped that the family will not disdain to appreciate the product as a whole. If more apace has been devoted to one individual than another, it is because more information was submitted.

      Sincere appreciation is expressed for the interest and assistance of all who have answered questionnaires and letters, who contributed records and sketches, and who in many other ways made this compilation possible.

      It is hoped that, in the not too distant future, another volume of records of this worthy family will be compiled and that it will include all that may be missing in this edition. Families and record-keeping go on forever. To know one’s family is to love and appreciate them.

Manetta (Prince) Henrie
Author, compiler, genealogist

      This electronic document was created by Ryan Henrie, a grandson of James Richard Henrie. I have done this in hopes that more people could have access to the information that is contained in this book.

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Chapter Organization

II.WILLIAM HENRIE (1799) (Heir)8
IV.Mary Amanda (Henrie) Funk28
V.Myra (Henrie) Olson57
VI.Daniel Henrie (1854)76
VII.James Henrie (1858)96
VIII.Jerome Bradley Henrie (1859-60)102
IX.William Henrie (1861)111
X.Margaret Estella (Henrie) Johnson132
XI.James Henrie (1827)152
XII.Weltha Rhoana (Henrie) Clark187
XIII.Samuel Osburn Henrie (1860)197
XIV.Ephraim Henrie (1862)215
XV.Myra (Henrie) Haycock223
XVI.Margaret Effie (Henrie) Heywood230
XVII.James Nathan Henrie (1874)242
XVIII.John Nathaniel Henrie (1876)249
XIX.Bergetta (Henrie) Miller257
XX.Jeddie Nephi Henrie (1881)266
XXI.Marion Henrie (1884)278
XXII.Ane Marie (Henrie) Excell285
XXIII.Francis Henrie (1889)295
XXIV.Edgar A. Henrie (1891)303
XXV.Myra Rhoana (Henrie) Cameron307
XXVI.Joseph Henrie (1829)313
XXVII.Samuel Henrie (1836)332
XXVIII.John Henrie (1870)352
XXIX.George Henrie (1873)357
XXX.Ettie (Henrie) Fotheringham369
XXXI.James Arthur Henrie (1883)376
I.Henry – Henrie Surnames393
II.Surnames Of Allied Families398


abt.– aboutm.– married
b.– bornm. (1)– married first
bur.– buriedm. (2)– married second
cem.– cemeteryprob.– probably
d.– dieds.– son

*– Individual appears later in text with more complete data and with an itemization of his/her children. [This electronic edition has removed these, replacing them with hyperlinks.]
[ ]– Bracketed information refers to ordinances of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
[p. #]– Page numbering from the original book.

bapt.– H.– sealed to husband
end.– P.– sealed to parents

[p. 1]